LG Optimus Black Hitting T-Mobile UK This Month for Free on Contract

The LG Optimus Black – the world’s thinnest smartphone with perhaps the world’s brightest smartphone display – will soon be making its way to store shelves. The folks at CoolSmartphone have gathered evidence that suggests the device will be out this month for T-Mobile UK. It’ll be free starting at 25 pounds per month that you’ll be obligated to pay for two years. (No word on how many minutes or how much data that’ll give you, unfortunately.) [via Unwired View]

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  • Dave

    Is this the same phone as the LG Revolution on Verizon?

  • PimpStrong

    “Outstanding new brightness with LG’s new Nova Display”? Phones screens are bright enough. Talk to me once Samsungs screen Contrast can be copied.

  • Tq745

    So it looks like the optimus G2x might be heading to the states after all.

  • iKing

    Yet another iPhony…..SMH

  • http://www.phandroid.com Prince

    Its not the worlds thinnest phone. The thinnest so far is the Nec, followed by the galaxy S2 and I dont think the display is the best. Retina and s.amoled plus have something to say about that..

  • Sooper

    Prince – LG makes the Retina display for the iPhone. They claim this Nova display is better in every way than Retina. If anyone is capable of outdoing the Retina display, the makers of it are certainly the most capable.

    Will LG Nova display be better then the LG Retina display?


  • Kingzz

    About LG Black:
    Screen: Much better battery saver than super AMOLED.
    Weight: Very lightweight (among the bests).
    Thickness: Among the thinnests.
    Brightest: The best (see videos on youtube).