T-Mobile G2x – Magenta’s Optimus 2X? [Rumor]

We know the LG Optimus 2X will soon be headed out of Europe and to North America, but no carrier has yet to announce their plans. T-Mobile may be the latest to jump into the pool according to new evidence.

Their version of the phone will apparently be called the T-Mobile G2x – an extension of the sequel to the original Android device. Details are scarce, of course, but there is reason to believe that the device could come preloaded with pure Android and not LG’s custom UI.

It’s said that T-Mobile wants all their “G” devices to have stock Android, so this naming scheme tips us to as much. It’s a little too early to say for sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that many of you will skip whatever HTC has in store with the Pyramid and will look to get this dual-core beast. [via TmoNews, Thanks Jdog!]

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  • sucklefish

    is there any confirmation that the revolution will indeed be dual core? from what i have seen its single

  • DroidCLH

    The LG revolution only has a single core processor, snapdragon I believe.

  • Newby

    Please be stock android. If so, my choice is made

  • Lies

    The Lg Optimus X (T-Mobile G2x) is a dual core phone. Its the first Known Dual core processor phone.
    8 mega pixel Camera (With Flash)
    Front Facing Camera
    Dual-Core Processor
    Hdmi out
    NOVA display that is said to save u 50% of your battery (better than Super Amoled & Retina Display)

  • Jeff72

    But…will it have 4G?

    This or HTC Pyramid are the top 2 contenders for my next phone. My contract is up and i’m waiting impatiently.

  • aberkae

    @Jeff72 I’ve bin asking that same question since last year, and apparently no one knows yet.

  • Manny

    Any high end phone on TMO, such as this will be HSPA+ Wouldn’t make sense for it not to since the G2 is HSPA+ So, safe to say this should be the mightiest phone to date on TMO.

  • Ace Curry

    Hopefully it launches with stock 2.4. If so, I might have to switch carriers to T-Mob.

  • Vlad

    Lol @ Jeff do you know what 4G is?

    Don’t discount qualcomm’s dual core. I think it will perform as good as tegra2 if not better.

  • xzillerationer

    Why are they bringing dual core to only gsm networks? I know they announced the Droid Bionic, but what about in the meantime? G2x on Tmo, Atrix on AT&T, nothing on either VZW or Sprint. I want a dual core before quad core becomes the high end standard.

  • rocco76

    LOL!4G!! who cares. 4G is not available every where. if you are running a dual core on 3g that phone will be fast! this might be my replacement from my sexy N1.

  • Luke

    Nice I want on e now.

  • nardva

    Might be calling it the G2X to match up with the G Slate name. So the G may not have anything to do with it being a successor to the T Mobile G line.

  • http://www.box-37.com TK

    Please, please, please come out with this soon. My G1 is dying a slow, painful death.

  • Vlad


    I think its because the phone is lg optimus 2x, so they kept the 2x and added the G because it will be a google experience phone.

  • Ksizzle9

    That loopks identical to the Verizon of LG revolution, I’ve got a good gut feeling that Verizon is about to drop some heat with the 4g and dual core devices. I just hope some of the new tablets match up to the iPad , my wife has the iPhone 4 and the iPad and they are both so butter smooth. But me, android gives me a hard on.

  • http://phandroid.com Hutchlarry2010

    Is it just me or is vzw and tmo are droping the same fone hmmm

  • samcro

    if this comes to tmo, i’m definitely jumping on it.

  • phoenix

    i need to see some more info about the pyramid before i make a decision. gonna definitely keep on eye on them and compare the two.

  • T

    The LG Optimus 2x Speed is out in Europe. I have one right in front of me. It was delivered past saturday :)
    I hope you guys get it as soon as possible. Awesome phone.

  • Richard Yarrell

    @ksizzle9… Verizon about to drop some head with 4g devices and dualcore???? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH.. It’s only time for one thing and I won’t allow you to RUN AWAY.. Come face some HTC EVO 3D and some NEXUS S 4G ON SPRINT.. Fiqures you’d run away from the Sprint unvailing post YESTERDAY and be hiding here I knew I would find you.. Time for you to join a WINING LINEUP PERIOD… SPRINT LINEUP.. Htc Evo 3D, Nexus S 4g, Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4G… Tablet lineup… Htc Evo View 4g, Blackberry playbook, Samsung galaxy tab,… VERUS VERIZON.. Motorola Droid Bionic, UNANNOUNCED Thunderbolt,… Verizon tablet… Xoom.. Which line up LOOKS BETTER IN THE REAL WORLD.. Come stand in line with me in june 2011 for a SUPER SMARTPHONE

  • RumpRoast

    @ksizzle9 The Ipad looks like an old school Gameboy compared to the XOOM… so screw any crApple products!

    @Richard Yarrell, You can have the best phones you can think of, but bottom line is Sprints network is complete crap and so is their customer support

  • AndroidToy

    way to ruin the “G” series with that p.o.s LG brand.
    FCK OFF, LG. Leave the “G” to HTC!

  • Dave

    Stupidly, the verizon Revolution is single core.

  • Vlad

    Dont pay attention to the troll Richard Y. He thinks Sprint is a god send with their 3 Android phones and shoddy 4G

  • jroc

    That line up on Sprint looks nice..Its about time…
    Before the EVO 4G the Android line up for a decent Android phone on Sprint didnt exist…
    Really, it favored Verizon since the Droid 1 and I’m glad to see better Android phones going to other carriers. That only makes the Android army that much stronger.