Angry Birds Downloads Reach 30 Million as Conan O’Brian Plays it in Real Life [Video]

If you haven’t already heard, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 30 million times on Android. Yay! I wasn’t going to post this story until I heard that Conan O’Brian set up a live action skit of the game on his show. You might need to survive a 30 second clip of all the other hacks trying to make names for themselves on TBS and then another minute of Conan and Andy babbling on about who knows what, but don’t be alarmed because the birds aren’t far off from there. You’ll get a kick out of it. (Conan’s hair makes anything 10x better than it really is.) [Thanks, Mark!] [Joystiq, SmartKeitai]

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  • Clint

    Where is the video?

  • Captivate 3.0

    Congrats but over hyped!

  • PimpStrong

    Ha ha ha thats awsome!

  • Covert_Death

    that was pretty funny, i like how he just grabs it and smashes the last one

  • XTOCb

    @ Cover_Death

    Sometimes I wish I could do same thing in the game…

  • phoenix

    i love how they put the sound effects in and everything.

    @XTOCb oh man, me too -.- those goddamn pigs with their smug smiles….

  • Clint

    ROFL thats too funny!

  • Captivate 3.0

    Wtf double comments! Fail.

  • Diana

    LMAO! Tooooooooo funyy & tooooo cute! :D

  • StevO

    I love the Conan show. So funny.

  • destardi

    Leno’s pushing of Obrian off of NBC was the best thing that ever happened to Conan.

    The guy has been set free…he’s a funny guy.

  • fluffy

    Bah, that solution was only worth one star.

  • InspectorGadget80


  • Sebastian Mej√≠a

    Conan is such a retardo. There’s nothing funny about him.