Android Market Coming to Google TV in “Very Short Term”


While news that Google TV didn’t make a big splash with attendees at the Game Developers Conference caused a single tear to roll down my cheek, the words of Google TV product manager at Logitech Ashish Arora wiped it right off. According to Arora, the Android Market will be coming to Google TV very soon.

Responding to a question at OTTCon on Tuesday, Arora said in regards to the Android Market on Google TV, “It will happen shortly. It’s a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent. We’re talking about a very short term.”

That, ladies and gents, is music to my ears. It would be easy to rehash the various struggles Google TV has faced in gaining some ground in the living room, but I still believe if manufacturers and Google can stick behind the platform just a bit longer it will catch on. After all, didn’t it take Android on smartphone a year or two before it really got rolling?

[via GearLive]

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  1. A year or two? My pre-ordered G1 that now runs honeycomb says otherwise! HAH!

  2. Does this mean the SDK will finally be released??? I gave up on it months ago. I think a lot of people have moved on to other venues.

  3. If they put a digital tuner in the Google TV along with a hard drive I would get rid of cable!

  4. PC = online
    games console = online
    bluray player = online
    phone = online
    telly = … offline?

    I really want to take my telly into the present by adding some sort of HDMI passthrough for my sky box and contolling it with my phone or [tablet or] something.

    Google TV could do that all for me..

  5. I love my Gtv and can’t imagine watching tv without it now. It will only get better with time so have patience. The Android market will change a lot of things with it.

  6. Dude… they also sell fridges, washers and dryers that connect to the internet. So your TV is even further behind than ya thought! ;-)

  7. I have Google TV (Sony Blu-Ray) and I’ve noticed a significant performance improvement with updates since I got it the day it came out. I have hope for this platform even though its struggles. I think an app market will put it over the top if marketed right. My girlfriend is an Apple junkie and I set her up with Apple TV. The Airplay feature is really cool and it is a pretty impressive device. Without Airplay though, Apple TV is just ok IMO. I also have a Roku box which constantly has internet connectivity issues. If GTV gets a solid app market, this will put it over the top no doubt. I have come to love GTV after thinking I was going to return it because of crappy performance. It still hangs here and there but it is acceptable….much better then it used to be. I see the potential…hope it comes to be because it is better than Apple TV and Roku. But the cost has to be justified and an app market should make it so.

  8. Do they plan to launch games on TV as well … will b nice to play games on them when commercials or boring programme comes

  9. I can’t wait til we get an actual date for this. I kind of love my Sony Blu Ray GTV already, and a market would make it awesome. Except it’d be nice if you could plug a coaxial cable into it… not every TV is hooked up to an HDMI-ready cable box, after all.

  10. Now correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be possible once apps are allowed to bypass the blocking of content by the major networks? I’m sure they’ve got to be blocking by OS or user agent. So this could be changed in a browser. That right there could be the key to Google TV taking off. And I don’t see how the networks could complain. To be honest I don’t see how this has not drawn in the government to begin with. How are they able to pinpoint a specific company and block their product while allowing all other companies and products to access their content in the same manner (on a TV)?

  11. I heard rumors back in January that the app market would come out at the end of March. This articles makes me believe that was right. I have been waiting for it. It would be great to use my 40″ TV for more than just YouTube, Netflix and Pandora. Also if any of you are making an app, please leave a clock somewhere on the screen, it is the most annuoying thing to have to find the remote on Pandora to know what time it is. The more I touch the remote the more chances O have to change it to something else.

  12. Android Market on GTV would be a huge leap forward. I just installed my Logitech Revue a couple weeks ago. Its pretty good. It does take some adjustment (particularly with using the keyboard vs. remote).

    Netflix is great when it works. I’ve gotten through a couple movie with no problem. But in most cases at some point, playback stops and cannot connect. I have to disconnect from Wifi and reconnect then go back into the Netflix app to resume play. It may be something with Comcast. I replaced the router to 802.11N, dual band and wider range and still have the issue. Ugh!

    P.S. I may not be aware if it already exists, but I wish GTV has a “Last” button to change back to the last channel. Its a pretty simple function that comes on almost every remote yet I can’t seem to figure out how to do it on the Revue.

  13. @Chris, I believe this is in the tutorials somewhere. The Tab key is how to hit previous channel.

  14. @Chris you can use the back button to go back. The button goes back to the previous thing before it always, if it is a channel or a web page or an app. Unlike a regular TV I don’t know how to jump back and forth, sometimes I wish it had a forward button, I lose things all the time. At least in we pages I have alt + right arrow to go forward.

  15. I purchased a Sony Google TV last year in the hope of preparing our apps for it. So far I’ve been unable to find any means of installing applications on it.

    I can’t find any type of developer support or SDK.
    Is anyone aware of an SDK that I can obtain to test apps, or any means of sideloading applications onto this TV set? The Sony developer program seems to be unresponsive.

    The SDK was also supposed to be available “very soon” (in October).

    Though unrelated, thankfully the release of Honeycomb at least provides a good testbed for larger resolutions.

  16. I have a 32 inch Google TV and I am having an issue where 3 0ut of 5 times I can not change the channel whether I use the channel up/down button or I punch in the direct channel number. All the other functions work fine. I also have a Harmony remote programmed to the Google TV and when I have the issue with the Sony remote the Harmony remote is having the same issues. Where I can not change channels but I can bring up the menu, internet, change volume, and so on. IDK I’m thinking that it is maybe a software issue.

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