Unity Android Engine Lets Devs Easily Port iOS Games (Some In Less Than Two Days)

Unity has just announced the launch of Unity Android, an Android version of their game engine that many developers use to create games on iOS. We won’t dive into the technical stuff ourselves as we’re not game developers, but some very interesting tidbits from the press release caught my attention. Those who have created games on iOS using unity were able to port their games in as little as two days.

Such was the case with Stupid Zombies from GameResort LLC. SkyVu said it took them two weeks to port both of their Battle Bears games from iOS to Android. Here are a list of features developers can look forward to:

  • Integrated Editor — Users can deploy a single project to multiple platforms, including Android, using a one-click solution that just works. Porting a game from iOS to Android can be as simple as changing the target platform and clicking “Build.”
  • Support for upcoming Android devices, including Tegra Tablets and the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Smartphone — Users can be among the first to benefit from releasing games on the exciting range of Android-based gaming platforms.
  • Highly Optimized Graphics Pipeline for OpenGL ES 2.0 — Unity Technologies has been working directly with hardware manufacturers such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm to get every last bit of performance out of Android so that users can create stunning games without worrying about the subtle difference between devices.
  • Android Remote — Developers can use their actual Android phone as an input device to view and test their game directly within the authoring tool.

The caveat with easy portability is that developers will need to create their games using Unity initially, obviously, but that’s all the more reason for developers to consider a switch or for new developers to consider the platform for the future. Let’s hope this results in more timely game releases for Android. Full press details can be had at Market Wire.

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  • tward09

    Best news I’ve heard so far this week!

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    let the Honeycomb tablet games begin!

  • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

    Now let’s hope the guys that made the Unreal 3 engine will do the same, and then we’re set.

  • Dario

    That Nexus S looks sexy right there :)
    And its funny that the light effect is effected by the curved display :D

  • ben

    i wish my nexu s would look like that

  • ben

    also woot woot, real racing 2 :D

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    thats what android need are games good ones!!!

  • Wasubi

    This is great news. Guess we can expect a surge in apps in near future. Definitely another leg up for android OS!

  • ACR

    Good news, no need for Gameloft now.

  • exxbot

    awesome news!

    but is there really any worthy game from iOS platform?

    if so what are these games?

  • exxbot

    oh….. so now Android & iOS join the ranks of PS3, 360, Wii, DS & PSP in multi-platform games war?

    Xperia Play & the NGP now will have no problem getting what games iOS have?

    How about a Unity-Android 3DS version?

  • ari-free

    Any worthy games from ios? I think they have chess and go.

  • King of the Sea

    worthy games for iOS? you mean like Civilization Revolution and Need for Speed? It’ll take a while for android to get that kind of stock!

  • Anton Gully

    So… only a matter of time before Apple bans Unity Engine game development on IOS then.