Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy S II From Play for £650; Releasing March 31st? has published their pre-order plans for the Samsung Galaxy S II. You can pay £650 pounds to pre-order it right now. They say to expect it release on the 31st of March, but considering that’s the very last day of that month, it could very well be a placeholder for a different date in the same month. (This is a common practice for retailers who don’t yet know the exact shipping date.) Take a look at our hands-on time with it from Mobile World Congress, and a full list of its specs can be had at Play’s site. [GSMArena]

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  • john the lesser

    coming to the US in….

  • Dave

    I would buy this if it came out for Verizon.

  • Darrick

    FYI – $865.33 based on removing the VAT and current exchange rate.

  • Darrick

    @Dave – This is confirmed coming to T-Mobile USA (date not set)

  • AndroidToy

    Eh yo, ya’ll get yo ice cream before it melts…aiite. Peace out, Sammy.

  • PimpStrong

    Confirmed coming to T-Mobile USA?? where?

  • Dave

    If this is coming to T-mobile I will be switching from Verizon, of course I will buy the phone off contract. But If the Galaxy S came to all the major carriers, I have to believe this will eventually hit them all as well.

  • Scotter

    Samsung has been making Android phones with excellent specs but please do some research before you buy one!
    If you search many forums you will find a consistent gripe with Samsung over the past year.
    Primarily with issues of shoddily performing GPS in Galaxy-class phones, no fixes & fixes that don’t work, and super slow updates (to tempt customers to buy new phones). For example, just *now* Samsung is finally giving Galaxy phone (Captivate, Vibrant, Epic, etc) owners Froyo (Android 2.2) which has been available on many other phones since last Summer.
    You can read more here:
    PLEASE do not buy Samsung phones.

  • Brian

    When can we expect this is the us?

  • Darrick

    @PimpStrong – T-Mobile USA tweet’d it. They have the Galaxy S2.

  • john the lesser

    @dave agreed, though it wouldn’t surprise me if tmo got a couple months head start

  • frank

    Tmobile please as I said before bring this phone to your arsenal and you will keep me as customer for 75+ more years.

    Thank you.

  • frits