Lenovo LePad Coming June, $400 Bucks Or So

Lenovo launched an Android phone called the LePhone in Asian markets last year and now they’ve got a tablet called the Lenovo LePad they’re on the brink of releasing. We already knew the IdeaPad U1 Android/Windows hybrid would launch in June for $999 and now we’re hearing the LePad will be priced at $400 or so and also see a June release.

Check out our preview of the LePad at CES:

I find it hard to believe the LePad will only cost $400 but I’d be pleasantly surprised if that ends up being the price. Whether or not it’ll run (or upgrade to) Android 3.0 is also a concern of mine. I just don’t see how the LePad would cost 2.5 times the Hybrid – and keep in mind most higher end Android tablets are going for much more than $400.

I’ve always liked Lenovo devices but, beyond their laptops, they don’t have much of an American focus. Even in the states, Lenovo hardware seems to be quite rare and doesn’t enjoy the type of brand equity others have created. While the product is great, it isn’t always easy to break into foreign markets regardless of your international reputation – just ask Nokia.

Either way, we’ll be excited for both the Ideapad and LePad to launch in the United States and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare against the other newly announced Android tablets. As we’ve seen with the excitement of the Atrix, there seems to be a market for the tablet/laptop/phone hybrid and Lenovo’s devices seem to mix the environments quite well.

[Via PCworld, CrunchGear]

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  • http://fyourface.com mrjoeyloke

    I want this now! Lol

  • Wesley

    I’d buy one. Just wish it had less bezel.

  • PimpStrong

    Give me one of those with DC and HC for $400 and I would one very happy tech geek.

  • jj

    Root it, rom it for hcomb, enjoy. Epic win

  • Aaron Rodgers SuperBowl MVP

    I don’t even want a tablet but I heart Lenovo so I will buy this. Shit yeah.

  • Enigma2u

    So the Lepad wasn’t even featured in this video … I seen this laptop like a year ago and fell in love with it … If it’s priced under 1k it’s all mine seriously I want something dual boot so badly it hurts …Lol

  • Roze

    ^–I’m with you there Enigma2u! I fell in love with the dual touchpad/laptop concept when Lenovo announced it in MWC 2010 and have been following it since. I really want this bad boy out NOW! I’m going to China this summer so if it’s not out to the rest of the world…I might get it in China :D

  • Todd

    They must be leaving out a lot of features to reach that price point. Or a lot of quality.

  • him

    “Lenovo market”….no thanks!

  • Smiling_Jester

    $400? Sign me up!

  • Glenn

    The guy said it was around $1300?!?!?!