Google Reader Update Adds Widgets, Mark Previous As Read

Google has released an update to Google Reader in the Android market that adds two new widgets: one for unread count and a news ticker. The news ticker will scroll through stories in any specific feed you select. Clicking on the item will take you to that story, while clicking on the folder will take you to the entire feed. The unread count widget is exactly what it sounds like. For some reason, these widgets are only available to Android users on version 2.2. (Oh noes! Fragmentation!)

They’ve also added a “mark previous as read” feature so that you can mark any items above the screen as read.  You can find all of this and more in the Android market today.

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  • zed

    what about listen updates too? or does anyone know of an app that does a better job (sorry off subject – i don’t have 2.2 to comment, bloody motorola).

  • SamDog997

    awesome. love this google reader. sure it’s pretty basic, but it works pretty flawlessly imo

  • Pedro

    Weird, i don’t have any widgets…

  • Firelight

    @Pedro – widgets only work with 2.2 – are you running that?

  • nicky

    wtf? do they think we are BLIND? can the text BE any bigger!!

    i couldn’t stand it, i uninstalled and still prefer accessing google reader via my phone’s browser

  • Jojo McDougal

    Try DoggCatcher. You’ll never go back to Listen.

  • Chris

    The widgets arent working for me. I am running 2.2!

    I can only add the folders by not by

    I added the folders but the unread counts are not there like it shows in the pic. Nothing.

    Also as an aside: I had a lot of faith in Google Listen – until they quit updating it. I have taken a liking to “Beyond Pod” its pretty good. I recommend the full version.

  • Chris

    huh odd, I guess the commenting system mistook my brackets for html

    I meant to say I can add folders by “long press, add shortcut, reader, folder” and when I “long press, add widget” Reader isn’t among the list of widgets I can add to my homescreen.

  • Le

    I use gReader. It has all the features the official app has and a lot of more useful ones. The best one in the market.