Acer’s Prototype 10.1 Inch Tablet For Verizon Hands-On [MWC] [VIDEO]

I stumbled across a real gem in Verizon’s booth here at Mobile World Congress. They are working with Acer on a 10.1 inch Android tablet that’ll have LTE radios at launch and will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. They expect it to have Android 3.0 at launch, but as it’s a prototype it was only running 2.2.

Still, the device performed great and Verizon’s new VCast application for tablets demonstrated that wonderfully. The VCast store itself wasn’t much different from what you’d expect – it’s Verizon’s alternate app market that may soon eventually incorporate music and video into the mix. It just looked excellent in tablet form.

I likened it to the way the Android 3.0 version of the YouTube app is built. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video above. As far as other specs go, it has a front-facing and rear-facing camera, but that was all they could confirm. Verizon and Acer do not yet have any word on availability.

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  • Cpt Mike Beard

    Where is my note-taking app folks? All of these tabs are just laptops that are more expensive and have less stable software.
    Give me something I can’t do on a laptop (e.g. taking notes like in a paper notebook)and I will buy one.

  • Note Taker

    Note taking? There’s multiple apps for that. Evernote and Springpad are both good and sync across multiple platforms.

  • Gunner

    Agreed, Mike. Give me a decent photo editor and a good voice dictation app, and I would consider spending some $$ on one of these for work.

  • moosc

    So this VZW answer to moto xoom

  • Zaggs

    “So this VZW answer to moto xoom”

    Huh? Since both are going to be on VZW….
    More like this will be the temporary answer to Xoom’s 3g. Though hopefully cheaper then the Xoom.

  • Sam K

    Isn’t this the Verizon version of the Acer ICONIA A500 that you also posted up a video for in the following link?

    AndroidCentral reported at CES that Verizon was getting it and they included text from a Verizon press release. Here is their link.

    And here’s the Verizon press release." rel="nofollow">