INQ Cloud Q Pictured, SwiftKey is Soft Keyboard of Choice

The INQ Cloud Touch was unveiled to several outlets yesterday, but we weren’t blessed with many details regarding the Facebook-centric phone. At that time, we learned there’d be a version of the Cloud – named the INQ Cloud Q – that would feature a full QWERTY keyboard.

Gizmodo has procured a shot of that device sitting next to the Touch. It’s not what I imagined it would be – I was thinking more of a slider than a portrait candybar form factor – but it’s definitely a keyboard. And if you were wondering about the software keyboard for the devices, they’ve employed SwiftKey – an alternative keyboard quickly gaining traction in that market.

I’m still not totally sold on the device’s kiddish looks myself. What do you guys think?

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  • Sam

    Looks like the og cliq only cheaper

  • bigsg

    @sam – and until now i didn’t think that was even possible. og cliq was such a POS.

  • cmherron

    Not very attractive…

  • timmyjoe42

    I like the smooth look to it, but the keyboard looks like it would be hard to type on. Also, I don’t know how anyone uses Android with a screen that small.

  • HaulinPain

    U. G. L. Y.

  • Liquifire3d

    3 words – Tiger Toy Electronics