TELUS HTC Desire HD Pricing Surfaces

While an exact launch date remains unknown, we are finally getting some word on how TELUS will be pricing out the HTC Desire HD when it lands on their network. For various contract commitments the phone goes as low as $149.99 to the top price without a contract of $499.99. That $149.99 price is the promotional pricing on a three-year contract; two years will set you back $399.99, while a one-year deal gets you the phone for $449.99. We’d guess this will be landing very soon.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • zorxd

    Too little to late for Telus. They will have to discount this phone because it will face the Atrix

  • jmax

    3-Year contract! Yuck!!!

  • steveC

    phones are obsolete in 2 years. 3 years is an eternity. this will not move at that price. consumers remember that the desire was $0 a month ago.

  • karnka

    Blame canada

  • justin

    as a redone EVO the Desire HD is already old. This phone should be less than $75 on 3yr at most.