T-Mobile’s LG G-Slate Finally Gets Played With on Video

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever to see this thing in action. Ever since it was unveiled at CES, LG and T-Mobile have been a bit stingy in even showing this thing off on video, for whatever reason. No worries, though, because Netbook News has it in their possession and have created a quick video overview of the device.

It isn’t the deep-tissue massage we’d like to see at this point, but flashes of its 3D features and Honeycomb being used on the device are all present. The version they’re touting looks a bit unfinished – the delayed and choppy zoom in Google Maps tips me off to as much – but we’ll take what we can get. Video’s above. [via IntoMobile]

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  • Keller

    The narrators voice sucked

  • sunsguy

    Cool. Hope its less than $800

  • Keller

    The Maps was on the browser maps, not the maps application btw.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Ah OK I hadn’t realized that. Let’s hope this thing is as snappy as the XOOM.

  • Keller

    No worries. I noticed it after watching it a second time. Personally, I want whichever comes out with a wifi only model. They are almost identical spec wise

  • melantus

    So will this be 800 dollars too…? Give me samsung galaxy tab specs and honeycomb at a reasonable price (400-500) and i’ll be 1st in line.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    So…does it come with a snazzy metal LG stand too?

  • Paul T

    I wish it were 10.1″ like the XOOM… 8.9″ is just a TAD too small for me. However, if it is offered in wifi-only and cheaper than the XOOM then it might be just the ticket.

  • Joker

    it has 3d capabilities yeah there going to overprice this no doubt. Look at all 3d tv’s or anything 3d for that matter its all over priced

  • http://twitter.com/willsours Will Sours

    Looks pretty good. Hopefully they don’t do something stupid to ruin it, like pricing it at $800.

  • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

    Wi-Fi only version that’s under $500 or no go.

  • ThisIsCrazy

    Cool. It has something in common with Paris Hilton.

  • mobuksh

    That was an awful video LG.

    The browser map demo was jerky and looked unstable. Then they show a video demo, and the video freezes – which the consumer can only assume is either a buffering or playback issue, neither of which is something you put on a demo video until the bug is resolved.

    On top of this is the poor camera work. Why can’t LG afford a decent video crew to do this work? The panning was jerky, the focus was inaccurate, the set dressing was non-existent and the LG stand prop didn’t seem to hold the tablet in place properly and it wasn’t even attractive.

    B grade video, made by an international company for a flagship product.


  • Bad Narration

    The narration was in complete opposition the music on the sound track. . . just bad!

    Tablet looks cool though :D

  • Keller

    Lg didnt make the video…

  • http://ohno.com HA!

    You must live a negative, sad, deprived, dark, life..

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    I am disappoint. I Am Disappoint! I AM DISAPPOINT!!!!!!

  • TxSurfer

    Im down for this sign me up.

  • UniqueNate

    I’m sure it will work just fine. That 3D camera didn’t really look all that well. I want to see it in person.

  • msgnyc

    They showed anaglyph 3D? Seriously? I thought 3D was done with the paper red/cyan glasses? Is Goldstar trying to make them popular again or something?

  • Tom S.

    WORD! That’s exactly what I said about the same vid here: http://phandroid.com/2011/02/08/lg-optimus-3d-teased-again-g-slate-anaglyphic-3d-demoed-in-new-videos/
    Your words sum it up perfectly. Very unprofessional. Embarassing, actually. I’m only hoping that it wasn’t an official LG video, but some overzealous preview from a blogger or something…