Xperia Play Commercial Airs During Super Bowl

We’ve known about the Xperia Play for quite awhile and it’s been rumored for years since people pretty much projected a Playstation phone as a logical consumer product extension for Sony. Somehow, I missed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play commercial during the Super Bowl, but YouTube hooked me up with the rerun:

When I first saw it, I thought they were operating Saw style on the Android Robot, but they’re kindly equipping him with thumbs so he can play games. Definitely a bit weird and a little creepy, but as long as they bring that bad boy to market quickly, we’ll forgive them for the awkward black market surgery.

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  • Galen20K

    kind of bizarre a commercial lol

  • Chris MacDonald

    Was anyone else shocked to see this announcement? I was not expecting this.

  • Whap

    Weird commercial….

  • phoenix

    am i the only one who thought the thumbs looked like penises?

  • JRDroid

    That commercial makes me uncomfortable.

  • No_Nickname90

    I thought they were just cutting holes in the Android so the guy on the inside CAN stick his thumbs out. LoL!! I’m such an Uber Newb.

    When I seen this commercial, I almost cried when I seen the phone. LoL!! Sony is known to be on AT&T, but I’d love this to be on Tmo so I can have 4G data speeds instead of unlocking from AT&T and using Edge. -_-

  • phoenix

    rofl, like this phone would have 4g capabilities, considering the last gen specs being used.

  • terrence

    Lol that was a cool commercial

  • Keller

    I like it

  • shingi70

    I wonder what carrier this will be on. The only way to get good sales are to put it on every carrier.

  • 2FR35H

    If the rumours are true of it going to t-mobile.. then im still not buying it especially after their track record and what their doing with ps3. Sony products practically are rental devices, or at least thats how they treat you. look at the hacking community for ps3 and you will know what I mean. They have no respect for their consumers.

  • Mariela

    It would have been less creepy if they gave him green robot looking thumbs. Same idea.

  • Chris93036

    @mariela yes.. haha. just some plastic android thumbs would have made the video more pleasant.
    But i dont like pleasant, i like gruesome! lol

  • blkidea

    @phoenix, no, the wife and I though the same thing haha… it was awkward but funny!

  • kappy79

    Seeing how myself and most of my guests were glued to the game and most of the commercials sucked, I missed this one.

  • G8D

    Interesting :S

  • Andy

    Uber Creepy, Android Undead where’s the nutrient feed ?

  • Mark

    cool but creepy as well. Good ad

  • Mauricio

    I will never buy another SE product ever again!

  • Roze

    Got to say that was an effed up commercial, lol I didn’t realize what to expect. I will say that they should have Mr. Andy play with a Xperia Play with his new thumbs ;)

  • Luffy

    Does anyone remember the original PS3 commercials???? I’d go as far to say they were 8.7 x more f’d up than this

  • JR

    Out. Sony’s lack of support is rivaled only by Samsung.