This is How the Xperia Play Will Be Demoed in Stores, T-Mobile Logo Appears

Yet another leak about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and this is a rather odd one to take in. This time, someone’s gotten a hold of the display setup that Sony Ericsson will send to stores to show off their “suite” of PlayStation Suite-capable phones.

The booth shows the Xperia Play pictured at the bottom, but Engadget was told that the phones being displayed are actually Xperia Arcs. We can’t imagine three of those will sit side-by-side inside of a store setup, so expect that middle one to eventually become the Play.

And if you didn’t notice, there’s a hint of magenta at the top of those info sheets: we’re not saying it’s going to T-Mobile in the US or UK, but it’s worth noting. Smart Phone. Smart Gaming. I can get behind it. [via All About Phones]

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  • Khan

    If it does come to magenta then I might get one of the playstation phones or that HTC pyramid phone

  • Ace Curry

    T-Mobile is worldwide. T-Mobile logo does not imply that it is T-Mobile USA. Xperia X10 was available on T-Mobile UK before it was available on AT&T USA.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    @Ace I mentioned UK in the article…

  • GTwoAddict

    @ Ace Curry, i think Quentyn pretty much covers that, but i guess thanks for the reminder?

  • pieter

    haha seems like you have a group of people out to get you quentyn. just cover all your bases each time and they will end up looking like morons (*cough* ace *cough*)

  • Keller

    This is so tight… to bad I’m already in love with the pyramid