T-Mobile UK to Carry the LG Optimus Black Starting in March

The LG Optimus Black has landed its first UK carrier as T-Mobile UK has published a “coming soon” landing page for the device. The phone – most famous for its 4-inch super bright NOVA display – was revealed earlier last month. ¬†Android 2.2 is a go, and LG says it will be upgradeable to Android 2.3, but no other specs have been thrown our way. Still, that NOVA display is enough to grab our attention. Sign up to be notified if you want. [via EuroDroid]

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  • Khalood

    slap silly name on LCD = instant attention. I do wonder how it looks IRL though.

  • http://twitter.com/iloveflynn Christian

    I reeaallyy hope it comes to Magenta in the US.

  • http://techofweb.com Atul@TechOfWeb

    when it will come to India ……….

  • lancaster09

    What are the odds of it coming to TMo US? Do phones that generally go on TMo UK hop over the pond?

  • zorxd

    T-Mobile UK doesn’t use the same bands as T-Mobile US

  • Karnka

    Ah, T-Mobile UK. You untrustworthy scum!

    Wouldn’t buy another phone from them ever and will most definitely be off when my contract is up.

    Good luck anyone buying this from T-Mobile getting the 2.3 update at all. T-Mobile will hold it up long after LG have released it.