Android #1 On Google’s Periodic Table [HYDROGEN]

If Google were to make a periodic table of their APIs and Developer Products, where would Android be on the chart? Nerd Alert: Google DID make a periodic table for APIs and Developer Products and Android assumes the position of Hydrogen, the very first element in the periodic table.

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What purpose does this serve? Not much beyond feeding you nerd hunger. It does offer a convenient table of contents to find various APIs that may be of use. For those interested here is an actual periodic table:

And with that I retreat to my labratory where I’ve got a beaker of bots brewing.

[Thanks JBart!]

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  • Yobif

    Congrats to Android Developers.

  • Rockaholic

    I like how the periods actually match up, at least for chrome :P

  • xriderx

    Get a job u useless author

  • Juno

    panda… i like panda… do you guys like panda?

  • Mike

    Wow. Where are the lanthanide and actinide series? And I’m not seeing the trends for the groups or periods. . Google needs to do research. Just kidding. That’s the chemist in me talking.

  • Keller

    Lol juno whats up with you and panda?

  • ManiacalShen

    “Labratory,” really? Where’s that, next to the libary?

  • anon

    V8 should be right at the top, under Chromium. The order is weird…