Samsung GT-I9003 to Be Galaxy S with Super LCD, Replacing GT-I9000 Model?

Way back at the beginning of January we heard of a new Samsung device going around with the GT-I9003 model number. Back then the speculation was it could be a Nexus S with Super LCD display, but a new rumor says it’s a modified Galaxy S. Given the fact that the Nexus S runs under the GT-I9020 line, it seems more likely that that the Galaxy S rumor would be true. Oh yeah, the source who gave up all this information to German site BestBoyz still states the presence of a Super LCD display versus a Super AMOLED will be the main difference.

It is also being rumored that the I9003 Super LCD model will replace the original Galaxy S entirely as AMOLED production is shifted towards the Galaxy S2. Take is as speculation for now, but it seems likely to us.

[via SamsungHub]

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  • Álmos

    Can’t they produce more of these screens? I’m just glad I have one with SAMOLED…

  • rags711

    Probally because the samoled screens are terrible on battery life and any bit of sunlite cant see anything on the screen.

  • Rich

    One of my phones is an iPhone 4, it has a much, much better display than my nexus one and vibrant. It may just be the way better resolution but I think the LCD looks great. And frankly all androids should have resolution comparable to the i4 anyway, at the very least

  • karnka


    I had a Galaxy S and the screen was beautiful and far more readable in ‘sunlite’ (sic) than any other I have used.

    I was glad to get rid of my Galaxy S for various reasons but still miss the screen.

  • GodoPPL

    Don’t you get it?
    SAMOLED does not support glasses free 3D!

    99% sure that is the reason!

  • jroc

    Amoled is beautiful for color that are “vibrant” (quoted that for a reason…lol)and they have nice viewing angles
    But for sharpness, I will take LCD anyday.

  • Spencer

    I much prefer these new super amoled plus displays. After seeing the difference between my droid x and nexus, I don’t ever want to buy another LCD screen.

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Amoled seems a bit better but if the pixel density is much higher on other types of screens then its harder to appreciate.

  • Din

    The new SuperAMOLED Plus uses the 1*1*1 RGB pattern instead PenTile in the actual Galaxy series.
    Although keep the same 800×480 resolution, the total photodiode in the Galaxy S are about 770K with PenTile pattern and the new SuperAMOLED Plus has 1.15M, at least Samsung increase the actual resolution in the Galaxy 2.
    Clearly this would offer a sharper and brighter image.

  • jroc

    ^Ok….thats good to hear. Cuz th Pentile is one thing I hated about Amoled screens.

  • Future Technology

    I don’t ever want to buy another LCD screen.