Dell Streak 7 Now Available through T-Mobile for $199

Today is February 2nd. I haven’t checked to see if the groundhog has seen his shadow, but I did just double check the T-Mobile website to see if the Dell Streak is available as promised. Sure enough, it is. You can grab your 7-inch 4G HSPA+ tablet for just $199.99 on a two-year contract. It’s no Honeycomb, Tegra 2 monster, but at least it is a big improvement over the Streak 5.

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  • MT

    He did not see his shadow. We will have an early spring, supposedly.

  • Juno

    i think this device fits perfectly for a panda’s palm…very nice dell… this could be the next panda communicating medium with humans… i am so excited.. they need to throw out some bamboo theme in there so the panda would like it… i like panda

  • SwampFox

    perfect size for Shaq and other men with big hands… using a normal sized phone with huge hands is plain silly!

  • Cpt Mike Beard

    @Juno: At last, a touchscreen phone that my panda can actually use with his massive panda hands!
    I’ll never feel disconnected from my panda again.

  • Juno

    @Cpt Mike Beard: YES !! now i can stop feeding my panda iphone…

  • Juno

    ps. i like panda.. yay for panda !

  • mobuksh

    @ Juno – There once was a panda named lu
    who ate all this crunchy bamboo
    he ate all day long until he looked like king kong
    then the zoo didn’t know what to do!

  • Future Technology

    using a normal sized phone with huge hands is plain silly!