NFL Releases Super Bowl 45 App, Have Fun Trying to Open It

We’ve just learned that the National Football League has released an app for Super Bowl 45. Features include a 3D map of North Texas that’ll help you find places to crash, eat, and chill. They’ll also have a slate of Super Bowl-related events leading up to the big game. Considering my Green Bay Packers are in the dance, I decided to try it out even if it’s useless for me (I won’t be attending.)

Unfortunately, the thing just force closes after a century’s worth of loading. Market comments also mirror similar issues. Try it out if you want, but you’ve been warned. ESPN has expressed plans to release a reworked version of their radio application sometime soon, as well – just in time for the Super Bowl, we hope. They’ve already released the iPhone version, and hopefully the Android version won’t be far off. [via Android Police]

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  • Jeff

    Almost 23 mbs!? This thing better cook me dinner!

  • JBiz227

    Glad to see your allegiance is to the proper team Quentyn! Go Pack Go!

  • jengagina


  • GIB

    @23 MB’s do I get to actually control the player of my choice during the big game?

  • joedon3

    it works on my Cappy. it has detailed 3D maps of Dallas, Fort Worth and the stadium. 3 axis control and you can zoom enough to view the seating sections inside the stadium.

    when making a big zoom jump though, it does lag a bit.

  • stairway_to_7

    ill need to try in on my DROID in the meantime….


  • rdjr74

    Ohhhh boy this is gonna turn into a pissing match between Steelers fans and GB fans. Btw if you zoom into the stadium close enough you can actually see all the Steelers fans! Pretty cool. Chasing seven-

  • Bib

    Steelers for #7! Head made of hardened US steel vs a spoiled milk product.

  • Lewis

    “Unfortunately, the thing just force closes after a century‚Äôs worth of loading.”

    Stop spreading misinformation. It took a little over a minute on the Droid X and loaded just fine. If it didn’t load on your phone, well…get a better phone. It says in the description that it works on “second generation Android devices”.

  • Frank

    Yup..force closed on my Moto Cliq.!

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    @Lewis how is it spreading misinformation if it does, indeed, force close on my device? I’m using a Samsung Epic 4G, and considering the market screenshots show it running on a Galaxy S device, I don’t understand why my device wouldn’t be supported. Even joedon’s Cappy runs it. And as I said, market comments mirror the issues I’m having. Take all of that for what you will.

  • Lewis

    Are you on stock or rooted device? Odd that it wouldn’t run on an Epic 4G…

  • moosc

    Size matters not Works like a charm on the number one android phone DroidX rules all

  • QuantumRand

    Screw the Packers. Go Padres!!!! They’ll get more baskets for sure.

  • SoKal26


    Lol, I knew you were my favorite writter….GO PACKERS! CRUSH THE STEELERS!!!

  • Jen Green

    Well, if it works it will certainly be useful. What a neat idea! Thank you for letting me know.

  • Sport-a-holic Gal

    Well, we will be watching our favorite team smash the Steelers on our big screen HD TV with HD programming to boot thanks to Dish Network. Every year we watched them struggle and this year they made it happen, I’m so proud! I happen to work at Dish so I was pleased to finally be able to partake in the HD phenomenon which is obviously a far better route for events like football. I can’t afford to go to Dallas and participate but with HD it’s like being there and that’s cool too besides, it’s supposed to be really cold in TX and my couch is in front of the fireplace. For sports fans, Dish offers the most sports channels both in SD and HD than any TV provider and currently they are offering HD programming free to qualified customers with AT packaging. It’s almost too easy to have a magnificent picture and not be paying for it. How often does that happen, I’m looking forward to this Super Bowl and I will be there cheering on my team to Victory!

  • kappy79

    Steelers! Here we go Steelers!