HTC Thunderbolt: Feb. 14th Launch Date via Best Buy, Dirty Unboxing, Lack of Skype Video at Launch

Let’s round up the healthy amount of HTC Thunderbolt news that’s come in over the weekend. Firstly: evidence from Best Buy’s internal system confirms our previous beliefs that a February 14th launch date was in order.

Other rumors have surfaced suggesting the 24th would be the day we see it, but we’ve heard from enough independent sources to believe that the former may be more accurate.

Secondly, the Thunderbolt will have video call functionality enabled by Skype, but according to an internal memo, it won’t be receiving that functionality at launch. That’s OK – just as long as we get it eventually.

That same internal shot also confirms simultaneous voice and data over 3G as well as the lack of mobile hotspot at launch – two things we uncovered just last week.

Finally, there’s a quick and dirty unboxing video of what looks to be a pre-release device. The host doesn’t show off any of the things it comes with, but does confirm that a 32GB microSD card is pre-installed to accompany that 8 GB of internal storage.

Other than that, it’s not much different from the countless video previews of this thing captured at CES, including our own. Check it out above.

[via Android Central, Droid-Life, Android Police]

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  • alenghi


  • UniqueNate

    That’s not a big issue but it would be nice if it was ready at launch. We all want a fully working device. Me personally, I am not that excited about this. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already. A more fluid Evo basically. The apps are the only thing new on it and those that make it new are not even coming shipped. I still welcome the handset.

    Hopefully since Skype isn’t ready they will just update the Skype app period in the market and let it recognize handsets with front facing cameras to use that feature. Otherwise you can just use it normally like we already are. they might as well update it to this new feature in the market because it’s not going to debut on this handset anymore first. The moment for that is spoiled so..share the love?

  • Cpt Mike Beard

    This thing looks amazing. It’s fast, its functional and its got that nice big screen. Hearing that it scored higher than the bionic is a big plus for me. I was considering waiting for the bionic, not any more.
    And hopefully the rumors are true and the cost of 4G won’t be any higher than 3G.

  • Pimpstrong

    That phone is boss. Plain and simple(Says the T-Mobile Vibrant user).

  • xDroidx

    I am so ready for it

  • Mike

    So is this a global phone? Or does the SIM card have to do with 4G?


  • Jon Po

    First Verizon phone to do simultaneousness voice and data? Thats fucking sad I’ve had this option for years on Sprint and Tmobile. What a horrible sales pitch.LOL!

  • Dave

    If this had a tegra two and the increased resolution of the Bionic, HTC would own the Android market on Verizon as everyone would buy this over the locked bootloader Bionic. Still a very nice phone for those who don’t care about cutting edge 3D games. Hopefully HTC will release anotehr phone soon with those specs.

  • Gitjax


  • Collin

    color me unimpressed, its a verizon bound evo. No dual core, no new screen resolution…pretty much an evo, but with a silver kickstand.

  • Stephen

    I confirmed this with my local Best Of Buy today

  • sjf707

    If4g cost more then 3g, and i buy the phone w/o contract will i be able to keep using my unlimited 3g data plan?

  • Seth

    Jon Po (#6), congrats on being the first hater to post. Back on topic, I can’t wait to see how this phones does. If the plans are reasonable and the phone is a hit, I’ll buy it straight up.

  • rob

    honestly i mighyt get this over the because i like HTC a lot better than motorola and two the processor in this is definitely fast enough

  • quincy

    well hopfully we will only have to wait a couple of weeks for those apps.

  • Chris

    How much is the thunderbolt going to be without a contract…?

  • James

    how long before the apps are installed?

  • Jon

    I hope the Thunderbolt will wow me because I have two Evo 4g’s coming in the mail without contracts I can ditch and would love to stay on Verizon’s network.

    But for an Evo 4G with a smaller megapixel camera, for 50-150 dollars more than an evo and unknown pricing skew for 4G data and a smaller network coverage…seems like your paying for the Verizon brand rather than the quality of the phone.

  • Eric

    I can not wait to see this release. My only hold back on picking it up at launch is i want to see what developers pick it up. Im hoping it makes it into the CyanogenMod team.

  • rushmore

    The comment that this QSD8255 chipset is faster than the Tegra 2 is clueless. Nice 45nm chipset and the 205 gpu is good, but not on same level as the Tegra 250.

  • Lactose the Intolerant

    really getting excited about this phone… I NEED an EVO-ish phone on VZW.

  • jmax

    Hey Quentyn,

    I know you said it beats the Bionic and Samsung in quadrant standard scores and neo gaming scores, but what happens when Android introduces a OS for cell phones that supports dual core processors? I know Honeycomb does and can only assume Ice Cream Sandwich will (Spring 2011). Everything I’ve read about the future of Nvidia dual core processors leaves Qualcomm single core in the dust. I would expect the Bionic to be the faster phone when it has a OS to maximize it’s dual core ability.

    It’s also my understanding that Sense 2.0 allows for the fast boot up not Android. Get rid of the stupid Thunderbolt/Verizon ad and it’s even faster.

  • jmax

    *The host said

  • ILikeBubbles

    Agreed at jmax that honeycomb and ice cream sandwich will have more support for dual core processors however i’m still all for the 2nd gen Snapdragon over NVidia, my personal opinion is that the only reason NVidia has market now is because they came out first. 3rd gen (dual core) snap dragon will be amazing. out of all the upcoming phones now i’m looking forward to the Thunderbolt the most. then again i’m still using an Eris… my boyfriend will be upgrading from an Incredible and an HD2 though so it may not be as much of an upgrade for him… oh well we’re both huge HTC fans. ^^

  • B money

    Does anyone know how much verizon will charge for its 4g data plans?

  • steve

    im not really too worried that this isnt dual core because its obv going to be fast i think looks wise it blows the bionic away

  • Dan

    I want a Thunderbolt, but I like these features of the HTC Desire HD:

    HTC Desire HD – A Closer Look

    Senses when it’s tucked away in a bag: it rings louder. If you’re in a meeting, the volume drops when picked up. When it’s flipped over, it goes silent:

    The caller ID displays Facebook status updates, etc.:

    Integrated compass when using maps (to point you in the right direction/turning/knows orientation):

    Will the Thunderbolt have these features?

    I am assuming the Thunderbolt will incorporate features:
    -make it ring at top volume/change volume/switch from vibrate from your computer to locate your phone if you’ve misplaced it nearby.
    -If you’ve left it at home, you can send/receive texts, forward your calls to another number.
    -If you’ve lost it, you can lock it from your computer, and send a message for it to display in case someone (nice) finds it.


  • xDroidx

    Is the extended evo battery compatible with the Tbolt?