AT&T Launching 12 Androids, 20 4G Devices In 2011


Our Atrix 4G Forums are heating up in anticipation of a February 14th launch date, with many members eager to find sweet Android Love on Valentine’s Day. While the Atrix is awesome indeed, there will be plenty of other AT&T Androids to choose from in 2011, if the following internal document is accurate.

See those last two bullet points?

  • 20 4G devices in 2011
  • 12 Android devices in 2011

Yum. We’re also hearing that the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G will both be available starting on February 14th and that employee training for the devices begins Wednesday, February 2nd.

Also notice the “Simultaneous” bullet point that suggest Verizon and Sprint can’t do simultaneous voice and data. For the most part, they’re correct, but we’ve uncovered internal documents showing Verizon WILL be offering simultaneous voice and data although they’re not yet confident enough to push it as a selling point.

Right now AT&T is selling 7 Android Phones:

  • Motorola Backflip
  • Motorola Bravo
  • Motorola Flipside
  • Motorola Flipout
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • HTC Aria
  • Samsung Captivate

With 12 Androids in 2011, AT&T will be more than doubling their lineup. That being said, we’ll probably see some of these reach end-of-life when newer versions are stocked, but still- sounds like AT&T will have a strong Android showing in the coming year. This is great news for AT&T customers and Android enthusiasts.

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  1. Since most of the other statements are at best misleading and at worst lies; I dont hold much confidence in the 12 androids in 2012 either.

    HSPA+ is Not 4G; not even close.
    HSPA+ is only available where they are upgrading 3G cells. Their 3G cell coverage is the worst of any carrier.
    “4G coverage on 100% of our broadband network.” This is an outrageous statement. First; HSPA+ is Not 4G. Since they must be refering to HSPA+; on 100% of their broadband network; they must mean their 3G broadband network; but ATT does not come close to having 100% coverage even of 3G.
    ATT has not even begun rolling out LTE. (ie zero live cells)

    They are getting desperate.

  2. Well, they lost iPhone exclusivity, they have to do SOMETHING to stay relevant!

  3. @Curt,
    based on how 4G was redefined, yes, their HSPA+ is now technically considered 4G.

  4. Good for AT&T. We will see how they handle their android line up. I see no reason for me to leave Verizon for them. After talking some stuff over with a Verizon manager it looks like Verizon will be offering an unlimited plan for their LTE. If so I would never jump to AT&T with their caps on everything. We don’t have enough wifi spots in the states to allow for caps like in Europe. Hopefully we will see some AT&T fans switch to Android from IOS.

  5. @curt

    If you want to go by old definitions, then this current generation of LTE/WiMax are not 4G and EVDO is not 3G (yes they are IP-based networks but the old generation also specified that 4G has speeds of 100MBPS+ and while LTE/WiMax has potential to reach that, this current generation is barely 1/10 there).
    HSPA+ has similar download/upload speeds to the current generation of LTE/WiMax so it isn’t that major of a stretch to call it 4G like you somehow seem to think it is.
    I do agree with you tho in no confidence that AT&T will reach 12 Androids as they promised 5 Androids by Q2 of 2010 which clearly did not happen (unless u count refurbished models of the same phone lol). But given that they are releasing the Inspire and Atrix (two damn good high end phones), who really cares how many they have.

  6. Bullshit they have the slowest network

  7. +1 @ Bela. lol now in west US at least its VZW vs Sprint (who I’ve heard have excellent service over here) and maybe T-Mobile. although with their new data throttling…. anyway. yeah i think that ATT has to figure something huge out or they’re no longer relevant…

  8. haha wow they partied too hard the past few years with iPhone, their network is getting more and more jealous. verizon non-stop builds and rebuilds their network, tests it, to make sure it’s as good as they say it is. at&t frantically put up cell towers in ny and san fran to keep people from jumping ship, however, they went with a quick fix of just a bunch of routers, no hubs. so yes, they have improved their footprint, but the network quality is determined more-so by how many hubs they have and their connection speeds at the hub, not the number of towers. time for at&t to actually put up a halfway decent network if they’re gonna talk up their network

  9. If HSPA+ is so fast; then why is ATT installing it, then replacing it next year with LTE?

    HSPA+ is a stopgap fix to the most sparce 3G network in the USA.

  10. They also don’t say how “their” HSPA+ tops out at 14mbps considerably slower than T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network currently at 21mbps upgraded soon to 42mbps this year and beyond that in coming years.

  11. LTE is the future. LTE is an IP-based network with the potential to reach 100MBPS+ (once it is fully built to reach its full potential, as of right now, it isn’t even close). Currently LTE Has speeds of 10MBPS-12MBPS (in terms of real world speeds) while HSPA+ has speeds of 5MBPS-14MBPS. Why is AT&T building out the network? To provide a better user experience. Suppose you have an LTE phone on AT&T and are getting around 12MBPS and then you drive out of an LTE area into an HSPA+ area with speeds of around 10MBPS, you won’t even notice it. Now suppose, you are on Verizon LTE and are getting speeds of around 12MBPS, then you drive out of the LTE area into an EVDO area and fall back to speeds of 1.5-2MBPS, it would feel painfully slow.

  12. No network has 100% good coverage at all nations. Some cities better than others. When I was living in NY AT&T was absolutely horrible, so I switched to Verizon and it was great. I moved down to Dallas and guess what Verizon coverage was horrible down here. Since I had bad experience with ATT I switched to Sprint even though their coverage wasn’t so bad but their customer service and phone line up was horrific. So now I’m with ATT and couldn’t be more happier. Their coverage is the best down here. So it all depends where you live

  13. In terms of real world speeds, I have yet to see any T-Mobile phone surpassing 12. If AT&T phones achieve their max of 14.4, it will be better (plus AT&T’s network is so much larger than T-Mobile’s, the coverage isn’t even comparable, especially when it comes to 3G coverage).

  14. What Curt said.

  15. @curt
    ATT has had HSPA+ (at 14mbps)for a while now. they can technically advertise it as 4G now. But they are going to upgrade it even more (hopefully). which will also increase the speed of their 3G devices and hopefully cap them to 7.2 mbps.
    And they are choosing to upgrade so they since they want to get something faster even though HSPA+ may have the potential to get 650mbps just as Tmo is doing :)

  16. A giant point is; ATT has never finished rolling out 3G. Their 3G coverage is very sparce. Look at their own 3G coverage maps (which are optimistic).

    HSPA+ is being installed where there is 3G. The problem is; they never finished rolloing out 3G; so HSPA+ coverage is just as bad as their 3G coverage.

    LTE should be better; but they have not even started this rollout.

    ATT’s assertions of “fastest network” is true; but only in the very few areas they have 3G and plopped HSPA+ on top of it. Their network is a mess; and they are behind the curve in getting the final solution started. Just as they are way behind the curve with decent android offerings.

  17. Yeah – seems a bit of a sweaty move by AT&T to announce they’ve gone whole hog for Android, so late in the game. It’s easy enough to buy a bunch of new phones. But if – as most analysts suggest – they haven’t got a firm grip on their long-standing network issues, then they’re in no position to make bold promises about a substantial 4G upgrade.

    Of course, the big question mark in all this is how well Verizon’s network handles the expected onrush of new iPhone customers. CDMA has the obvious edge over GSM, requiring fewer towers to blanket even congested, urban areas, but empiricism is a funny thing…you can never be 100% sure what will happen until you throw the switch.

  18. Notice that there are already 7 androids + 12 androids = 19
    that of course is the iPhone 5.

  19. ATT is full of poop,
    lying saying they are still the fastest mobile network my butt

  20. @Curt: Not entirely true. ITU themselves have accepted HSPA+ as a 4G Connection and TMO’s HSPA+ connection is rated higher than most current “4G” technology

  21. @Bela,
    Actually no. HSPA+ was not lumped into the redefined 4G. What was mentioned was LTE and Wimax. Also I don’t think HSPA+ fits the newer definition of 4G as the performance may have been improved but its still the same capability while not being very evolved.

  22. you guys that say att’s network is horrible…you’re out your minds. it all depends in the area where you live. @jimmy…you the man lol! i’ve been with att when it switched to cingular and back, and i’ve never had any problems. so to say att is horrible is ridiculous. you guys should do your research and see where att’s coverage is good and bad.

  23. AT&T isn’t sparse throughout my region (near Houston) and is the best throughout my region so I really don’t care what the coverage map says. Behind the curve with Android offerings? Captivate is pretty good and next month will be getting the Atrix and Inspire which will be the best phones on the market (imo) at time of release. It is weird how the only people who actively hate on AT&T are the ones who probably do not have it. I have zero complains with coverage, zero complaints with data speeds, zero complaints with offerings (it is a GSM network, I can easily purchase a phone with compatible 3G bands and pop my SIM card in, like I did).

  24. @Zaggs you’re wrong. HSPA+ IS included in the newer definition of 4G as Evolved 3G technology, learn before you post.

  25. I have Sprint. Simultaneous voice and data works great on my Epic. So that point is a stretch. 3g Sprint phones may not do it, but the 4g phones should do it fine… Unless you can’t get 4g coverage.

  26. I’ve got a better idea AT&T, finish launching your 3G!

  27. Man these Verizon Fanboys are worse then the Apple Fanboys. Why worry about another network that your not on. If you like who your with then enjoy it. Other networks are not complaining your wife is ugly so dont’ sweat it. To many idiots in the US as the last election proved that.

  28. @curt
    They are not “replacing” HSPA+ with LTE .. if you read above, you will see that when LTE drops you, HSPA+ will take over.. Whereas with Verizon when LTE drops, you will be down to 3G

  29. All AT&T phones on that list SUCK DICK! Everyone here knows that.


  31. “ATT does not come close to having 100% coverage even of 3G.” No mobile network has 100% coverage, or will ever have 100% coverage.

    That’s not a full list of ATT android phones.

  32. Hey Richard… my phone is the best phone in the whole wide world. Your phone sucks.. Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya…

  33. AT&T did not want to call their network 4G. T-Mobile started that fight and they stayed with 3G, until the announcement that HSPA+ could be called 4G, then they changed. And at that point, everyone would have.

    Their network is bad in some areas, not as broad, but, in many areas is perfectly fine and even really good. I have had them for years and no problems with coverage. My wife travels a lot for her job and covers several states and has very few problems. Though her work phone is Verizon and she sometimes has problems with them.

    Verizon passed on the iPhone at the beginning and regreted it ever since. Now they are back on board. If you’re not a fan of the iPhone, there are many people that enjoy the device and it is perfectly fine for them. Like it or not, the iPhone changed the industry. Android would be no where near where it was without iOS.

    Verizon jumped on the Android bandwagon after T-Mobile and HTC showed what it could be. Verizon turbocharged it and made it mainstream.

    I’m excited. I would prefer the bootloader not be locked, but, who knows if it will be. If it is, I can live with it.

    The Atrix is going to be hot. The different docks (vehicle, media, and laptop) are setting it apart and are great and innovative ideas.

    I don’t have caps on my data. I’m grandfathered and get all I can eat. With all the changes, I believe it’s likely they will go back to it anyway. I think a $30 unlimited, $25 2 GB, and $15 500 MB option would give choices and allow for earlier and faster adoption.

  34. @Zaggs
    They, and all carriers, are using it as a speed definition, not as a technology. Seems silly to me to have something technically be faster than another 4G technology but not be called 4G under a technicality. The seed is there. The consumer can consider it 4G. Enough said, my friend.

  35. @jon…reason being is because of the iphone, we all knew that. we’re gonna see a major upgrade in android phones on att. c’mon now…Atrix, Inspire, Infuse which were already announced. Atrix by far will be the best on the market when released…verizon’s Bionic doesn’t compare. now with the rumor the NS is coming to att, along with the Galaxy S2 (although Samsungs lack of updates)…att will have a strong lineup with the loss of iphone exclusivity.

  36. Sprint DOES simultaneous voice and data. I can talk and surf on my Evo when using 4G or WiFi

  37. @terrence
    nobody said you couldnt do that on 4g on 3g cdma you cant do voice and data at the same time

  38. What’s with all the at&t hate? Like others mentioned, they’ll be the best prepared for 4g->3.5g->3g transitions. Sprint and Verizon will throw you back on plain 3g outside 4g coverage. Verizon may have better coverage but after using a cdma based carrier I promise you I will never go back to any company using that technology. Gives them too much authority and no simultaneous voice and data (yet).

  39. Sure a lot of Verizon Fanboys. I thought Apple Fanboys were bad. AT&T finally gets a better phone then Verizon “Motorola Atrix” then the potshots at AT&T start. Why are Verizon Fanboys even reading this? Enjoy your network as you should not be shopping if it is so great.

  40. Richard: laugh out fucking loud. Its obvious that you are on the 3rd best carrier or you would acknowledge, like every other person in that united states of America that KNOWS(C WHAT IM DOING? ALL CAPS LIKE DICK UP THERE?) that Verizon has a FAR(#2) better network than SPRINT(#3). So go suck a Richard!! And enjoy your EVO. It is a great phone. But to say its vastly superior to every phone everywhere is horse shit. It honestly doesn’t hold a bar to the hardware ofbthe galaxy s line.

  41. Too little, too late! AT&T from ’97-’09 with Palm from ’03-’09. No new Palm, no Android, just the iGay. So I went with T-Mobile who first supported Android in the USA & because I work globally, I need GSM.

    AT&T…you chose to market to Gays, so OK, you have them, but you don’t have me. Turn your iGay on vibration, stick it where you like it, and call yourself repeatedly. I’ll never come back.

  42. @richard
    you are an idiot Sprint sucks who cares if they are the granddaddy of 4g they have 1 good phone on their 4g. The thunderbolt blows it out of the water better processor, faster speeds, better screen. So have fun being on the 3rd largest carrier with the EVO that was relevant when it came out but with the new phones being announced its just old news.

  43. Here is my question for all of you att haters…. If att is so bad, then why are they the largest cellular company with over 95.5 million customers? They are obviously doing something right. You all are a bunch of idiots who don’t do your homework. First of all, you spring lovers, look a second look at your coverage map and your stock levels. I bet they will be out of business within 3 years. Second, your” 4g” network sucks!! Your speeds will never come close to LTE’s. They are so quick to get up some service that will give you faster speeds right away. Ut it wont go anywhere from there. Once the LTE network is complete, Sprint will be the last thing on everyones mind. Why to think short term. Then with verizon, why would you want a company that cost the same as att, but can’t talk and surf at the same time. Good luck with making your phone as a hotspot because as soon as you do, and you get a phone call, all connection is lost. Have fun with that. Stop making such a huge deal about the caps too because I bet most of you don’t ever go over a gig, never the less know what a gig of internet is.

  44. Even though I would have expressed it a little differently, I tend to agree with Richard about Sprint.

    It is the only carrier that treat us like kings. For 80 bucks per month, we get mobile to any mobile(any carrier), nights start at 7, unlimited internet, and we roam for free on Version as long as we don’t abuse it. On top of all of this, we get to upgrade our Android at the full subsidized price every year instead of every two. Out of the 500 minutes that I have, I nearly used 40 and I’ve tried to use more.

    It is hard to not be a Sprint fan with all these perks.

    I myself am an Epic 4G user, and I’m very happy with it. I like it better than the Evo 4G because of Super AMOLED, Gorilla Glass, the slide out keyboard (game gripper), and advance 3D performance. The Epic 4G has held up with every phone that has come out since in every area in terms of features and performance with the exception of the 2.2 update that will come out soon enough as demonstrated by the Vibrant getting it already.

  45. As of right now the Evo is the best Android Device in use, Hands down!!!

  46. HOW GOOD IT IS FOR ME TO STAY WITH AT&T. Only a few weeks away till i get my DUAL core Motorola Atrix :). and some more for others that doesn’t have one yet.

  47. @Richard
    The evo is a good phone but now its owned by the atrix(at&t) mytouch 4gtmobile HTC thunderbolt Verizon the evo shift is wack

  48. In just a couple weesh AT&T will have THE best Android phone out. Personally I have never had a problem with their service. I live in an area where their service is as good or better than all the other carriers. Only an idiot would Have TMo here in Pensacola seeing as there is NO TMo 3G here.

    The Atrix looks to be on top of the Android heap for a while so I think AT&T is off to a good start this year as far as Android is concerned.

  49. @Richard…. Stop being a Richard

  50. This is HYSTERICAL !!! AT&T needs to get 3G first , why have so many 4g phones when you dont have 4g service LOL What a JOKE that company is

  51. So if i bought the atrix 4g…being an hspa+ phone. Will it be able to use LTE when it comes out?

  52. The specs show only the 2G and 3G support. ATT calls HSPA+ 4G, thats what this phone will support; Not LTE. I wonder what ATT will call the LTE network when they finally get around to rolling it out? Since they are calling HSPA+ 4G, they will need to invent a new name to describe LTE. Maybe 4G Plus?

  53. can their 4g speed beat Verizon 4G?

  54. @ hobiemac
    For one to complain about not doing research and calling other people idiot. You’re the biggest one. Verizon is the largest .. not Att. Att’s 95 mill is less than verizon’s 101 mill.

  55. cant wait for there atrix but im not in the US so ill have to buy it sim free

  56. WOW
    I just can’t get over the fanboy AT&T hate around here by so many people. Pretty petty.

  57. Att is doing something to stay on top people. Doing is better than sitting. Nobody has nothing to nice to say here. I know it’s the end of the world soon but come on…

  58. Hulk Smash – ATT is Jobs’ “servicing boy” Support ATT, then you’re anti-Android and pro-iGay. Have a rainbow apple sticker on your Toyota Prigay?

  59. Their current line up of android phones look like crap …..

    thank god for the new dual cores coming out soon .

  60. Ok, once again, for those needing a quick education: The ITU, back in December, stated, “…that this term (4G), while undefined, may also be applied to the forerunners of these technologies, LTE and WiMax, and to other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed.”

    So, in other words, HSPA+ is 4G. HSPA+, just like WiMax and LTE, is a substantial improvement over 3G. The ITU could have easilly said, “…HSPA+ and LTE, and to other evolved 3G technologies…”

    Now, one could say that the ITU, by saying that they are “forerunners” of true 4G, is saying what we all know: that all of the carriers basically strongarmed the ITU into making this statement; that in fact true 4G is not yet available. But since the carriers, starting with Sprint in 2008, decided to call their networks 4G and advertise them as such, the ITU basically caved in and allowed everyone to say they have real 4G.

    So, to sum up: HSPA+, by today’s definition set forth by the ITU, is in fact 4G. Any argument saying otherwise, no matter what it may be, is invalid.

  61. their 4g would be the fastest… if in fact it actually existed anywhere except in their press releases… which it doesn’t

    …our hspa+ network ‘combined with enhanced backhaul’ (which by the way WE DONT HAVE IN MOST PLACES INCLUDING MOST LIKELY WHERE YOU ARE and for sure where I am…)

  62. and by the way they still haven’t updated the Captivate to android 2.2 and PROBABLY NEVER WILL

  63. i dont care HSPA+ is 4G or not!
    all i care is i will be getting faster internet compare to regular HSPA !

  64. HSPA+ IS an Evolved form of 3G and IS considered 4G just the same as regular LTE and WiMax. How HARD is it to get through people’s thick skulls, jeez what ignorance.

  65. I had AT&T in Atlanta for 7 years and the coverage across the Atlanta area was inconsistent at best. There are areas right up the street from where I live along a stretch of highway that is a dead zone. Once, my car cut off in that particular area and I couldn’t even call AAA for assistance. When AT&T did away with unlimited data plans, that was the end for me. I switched to Sprint, got Simply Everything and an EVO and haven’t dropped a single call since. Yes, AT&T has released new Android phones and that’s wonderful and yea, it’s great that they are finally bringing some for of so-called 4G, but you better check your useage on that thar 4G, lest you find yourself paying for overages.

  66. as far as phones go i think the debate on who’s better is irrelevant as soon as you come out with, write a review, or post a comment about how your phone is better than anything ever before someone has read that and thinking about and also already doing it better. technology today is moving so fast that it is pointless to debate “best of the best’s”.

    and then as far as carriers and coverage goes, look for one that has the best coverage for your area that you will spend the majority of your time. thats the best you can personally do i mean come on people, like its been said before its all relevant to where you live. check it out, choose, and be happy.

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