Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [Jan. 28]

Another day, another Android. Dig into the leftovers below.

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  • Hampteezy

    Holy FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Batman!

  • Mariela

    @hampteezy oooh congratz

  • CORYK333

    Loving the “things we missed…….” articles, hard 2 believe u guys didnt think of it sooner, keep up the good work

  • tim242

    Quentyn, you left out how you missed the mark on your article claiming att surpassed verizon in subscribers, shame on you!

  • tim242

    Where the hell is the podcast?

  • SupraLance

    Liveview gps sounded awesome so I looked it up. $400 up front and $40 a month. Thats ridiculous when I can buy an outdated phone with working gps for so little and add it to a family plan to accomplish the same thing and potentially a lot more.

  • Keller

    No articles on my birthday, phandroid? =(

  • Jewlooste

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