In-Depth Look at Honeycomb Preview in SDK Emulator [Video]

Engadget recorded a screencast of the preview version of Android 3.0 inside the SDK emulator. Chris Ziegler says a preview is the most appropriate word you can use to describe the preview as parts of Honeycomb were unfinished compared to what we’ve seen in other videos and live demos. Watch the video of it in action below. (Might want to turn your monitor sideways if you can. He didn’t know how to change orientations before recording the screencast.)

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  • Caset

    I did learn that it is easier to turn my monitor 90 degrees than my head
    The UI is amazing!!! cant wait for the final release!!

  • Barry

    Just take this post off. It doesn’t show anything and it’s horribly negative.

  • clueless moron

    I’m really disappointed with the new “Holographic” UI. I think it looks horrible. The RIM playbook and HP WebOS look much better. My guess is they wanted to try something unique, but I think it’s going to fail. I had high hopes since Google hired the old Palm guy, but this UI is crap. Sorry to be negative.

  • clueless moron

    I just downloaded and ran the emulator, so I’m not going by screenshots of videos. The only hope is that they will polish it up at the last minute.

  • JR

    @clueless moron with that screename ill make the decision looks good to me

  • Some Guy

    @clueless moron – the UI looks pretty cool to me, but as far as the WebOS designer that Google hired – that happened very recently. He didn’t design the UI. He made some minor tweaks, but it was 99% done when he joined Google. I would look for his ideas to start showing up more in the next release.

  • Eric

    @Some Guy – This was mostly the work of Mattias Duarte (the weebOS guy). In an interview, he said he only had minor influence on gingerbread, but honeycomb is his baby.

    I like it. Hated the old white and orange, but hey, if your on this site, you’ve themed your phone anyway if you didn’t like the default. Who says this will be different?

  • Gunner

    The Engadget post was updated w/ a 2nd vid in portrait view.

    I downloaded the SDK and played around w/ it. It’s cool to play around w/ a virtual tablet, but it runs soooo slooowwwwww that it’s pretty useless at this point.

  • Eric

    @Barry, what is negative? He displayed what he could. This is probably alpha, if not before (like another site mentioned, things taht worked at CES aren’t enabled yet, in fact, it’s worse than it was at all things D). He made that fact abundantly clear.

  • ilh

    The first release of the Gingerbread SDK (or might’ve been Froyo, or both I can’t remember) were incredibly slow like this too, so shouldn’t be long before it’s up to speed.

  • E. S.

    Android Honeycomb’s big – yea yea yea! It ain’t small – no no no!

  • aaron

    honeycombs gonna be buggier then a louisianna swamp. especially if they push the XOOM out by the end of feduary like there talkin about. I bet it gets stuck in portait mode all the time.