HTC Flyer Tablet Specs Leak, Sounding Sort of Last Gen


Stop reading now if you were hoping the HTC Flyer — the tablet the company is saying doesn’t exist despite plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise — was going to be one of the top-notch tablets of the year. Some of the slate’s specs were just revealed, and sadly the device is looking like it may be coming a bit too late for what’s under the hood. If you were hoping for a Tegra 2 beast rocking Honeycomb, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Here we go:

  • 7-inch, 1024×600 resolution screen (think Galaxy Tab)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor (think Desire HD)
  • HDMI port
  • DLNA-enabled
  • 5MP rear camera with LED flash and facial recognition
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chatting, with Skype preinstalled
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • A remodeled version of Sense that has a “desktop” feel to it
  • HSPA connectivity (think T-Mobile…maybe AT&T)

There seems to be more promise in a supposed 10-inch version that will feature LTE to be released sometime in the second half of the year. There is some hope that version will feature the dual-core speeds of the Tegra 2 and Android Honeycomb (though we hope they wouldn’t muck it up with HTC Sense, HTC has stated several times that they don’t plan on stopping their custom UIs anytime soon). I suppose there is hope that the 7-inch version seens Honeycomb, but if Sense is on top, would it really matter that much anyway?

This tablet could have made a splash had it come out face-to-face with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but if it launches later this year there will be several better options already available.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. What a joke.

    I expected more out of HTC. Motorola is really giving them a run for their money as of late.

    720p has 50% more pixels than WSVGA. I want to see a density monster at the 7in size!

    HTC doesn’t seem to care much about resolution. Motorola has been pushing pixels since FWVGA and the 3.7″ Droid. Now, they have qHD on the Bionic and Atrix.

    Anybody else actually care about display resolution?

  2. I dont believe this for one bit. I think maybe these are old leaked specs. I will believe this when it is announced… I really do not think HTC would release a subpar tablet after waiting this long…nope…dont believe it

  3. I doubt HTC would release a “$100” tablet and hurt their brand name.

  4. couldbe in the sub 600 range?

  5. If HTC doesnt come with any dual core goodness for phones at the MWC in Feb, this might just be real.

  6. better be $299 for those specs.

  7. The site that released these spec said that “they got them a whilr back”, soo. I can gurantee that HTC would never release something like this alongside the Honeycomb beasts. I do hope they keep it at 7 inches though. Or a little bigger. 10″ is waaay to big for practical use.

  8. I said it before that in the next 6 months we’ll see how HTC will fall behind its competition because of their unwillingness to use a dual core Tegra 2 chip. Their relationship with Qualcomm is too tight and it’s going to start affecting them negatively. Plus, the Adreno GPU line-up is very weak compared to competition. I wish they offered more chip alternatives to their customers.

  9. I think it’s legit. HTC has long shown commitment to Qualcomm.

  10. In the $300 range (wifi only) this would still be a hit. I would buy one.

  11. I have a high end
    smart phone and a laptop chances are so do you, why do you need a tablet??

  12. In other words, it’s the Thunderbolt of tablets.

  13. @Xgarryx: I had the same thoughts when the all of the tablet hype started up last year. Seemed to be pointless. But the more I think about it, the more I would like to have an instant-on ‘net device for use at home (couch-surfing) and especially for traveling. I would really like to leave my big laptop at home while flying and while visiting the family. The iPad has never interested me. But one of the new T2 Andy tablets w/ USB & HDMI out might convince me to buy it so I can leave the laptop at home.

  14. lol @ everyone that said I will pass on the xoom and wait til HTC announces there tablet lol This thing is garbo

  15. These specs are garbage!! There is no way a company like HTC is going to release a sub par tablet as their first release. I guarantee you that it will be just as good if not better than the xoom. You all know it to, Mototola just sucks compared to HTC and HTC will not compromise that

  16. These are likely old specs, but it is galaxy tab-esque. And although I really don’t care for any of the carrier’s add on skins, out of them all, sense really is the least objectionable. So yeah, no reason to say that Honeycomb would be wasted with sense (or sensation, or whatever) on top.

  17. I’m excited about it running gingerbread.

    It might mean that it works as a phone :)

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