Hidden Gingerbread Code Shows NFC Write Capabilities Already Available [VIDEO]

We know NXP’s near-field communication chip inside the Nexus S will soon have write capabilities by way of a software upgrade, but a new video has been uncovered by NFC World suggesting that the functionality is already in place, and that it works.

Argentina-based Gibraltar discovered this by taking a look at Android’s kernel source and discovering @hide tags that are used to mask the functionality from SDK users.

While they were able to uncover it for the time being, he says that the APIs can change at any time as they are meant to be private and not for public use – don’t be surprised if this functionality ends up broken tomorrow. Take a look at the video below to see how they are able to overwrite an existing tag with one of their own using an application they built. [Thanks, Mike!]

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  • Joshua

    How is this possible? According to most of the news I read today, Apple just invented NFC.


  • Aeok18109

    please tell me your joking

  • 513

    Of course he is.

  • Aeok18109

    you never know. there are people that jaded by apples bullshit. ive had people ask me if i have a smart phone. and if i really do than where is the apple logo. was that a custom mod to take it off? they have never seen a iphone that looked like that…(im on a vibrant)

    the facepalm was heard for miles.

  • J.C.

    Hilarious if he is not!!! It will just burst his bubble that Android is further than he my of thought.

  • mac

    guys… “/S” means sarcasm!!!!!!

  • teleknEsis

    Actually Joshua was close; Apple invented NIC (near idiot communication). Any time an idiot is near an iPhone it makes them want one

  • Keller

    lulz @ teleknEsis

  • Álmos

    Just another 2-3 years and we can actually use this to something useful!

  • Joshua

    Yes, I was joking.

  • Fishypea

    Think of the hacking possibilities.
    Being able to change re-writable RFID tags at will.

  • winterdog

    This demo was made with an R/W tag, and the tags like those used in Google Places are configured to be read only, so no easy hack possibilites. Furthermore, NFC Fourm has released a Signature Record Type Definition specification that can be used to protect the integrity of a tag.