Virgin’s Optimus Known as Optimus V, Launching for $149

After it was revealed by Virgin Mobile themselves that they’d be carrying the LG Optimus – the “One” series we had hoped – leaks show that it has gotten a more defining name and a price: the LG Optimus V will be sold by them for just $149.99. Not bad. We still don’t have a date or a formal announcement of any sort, but we’ll be on the lookout for those details as we don’t expect to go through February without hearing anything. [via Android Central]

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  • Hurracayne

    That isn’t a bad deal at all for that phone

  • Frank

    Isn’t It free with tmobile and sprint with a tmobile contract

  • Frank

    Sorry what I meant to say was its free with a 2 year contract with tmobile and sprint

  • jjthejetplane

    It’s actually not free with Sprint and T-mobile. You either pay for it upfront with Virgin or over the 2 yrs by signing the contract. Seems to me it’s cheaper paying for it upfront.

  • danbutter

    the whole point of VM is no contract and for $25/month for unlimited data and text and 300 voice mins I think the upfront $150 is worth it if sprint has decent coverage in your area.
    A quick look at Tmo’s site shows $80/month for 200 more talk mins.
    So it will pay for itself in under three months!!

    Plus this phone has been rooted in multiple carrier iterations (including sprint’s) so it would be an even better deal with mobile hotspot ability.

    I’m gonna follow this one closely.

  • Your Mom

    I will be getting this if i ever leave my position at verizon as i will no longer have the employee rate plan. Which might be soon. You really cant beat that price.

  • MarylandBill

    With better and better smart phones (at reasonable prices) and better plans making it to pay as you go cell service, its starting to get awfully hard to justify sticking with traditional contract plans. I doubt I would have ever switched from Virgin Mobile if they offered the plans they do now three years ago.

  • Frank

    Thanks for the info danbutter

  • Hampteezy

    AAND you can get the radioshack 1YR replacement plan on it for only 29.99. lol :D

  • Piqutchi

    This seems to be a pretty good deal! I would like to get one! (at the very least, I could use Wi-Fi, if available on this model, while I keep my Tracfone. Does anyone know yet if this has Wifi?)


    Yes…all the LG Optimus One phones have Wi-Fi.