Samsung Gem Rears Its Head on Official Site, Sans Verizon Branding

Been a while since we heard about this little fellow, hasn’t it? The Samsung Gem – which Best Buy was getting ready to sell for Verizon – never came to form. Rumor had it that it’d been canned, but no official statement or announcement was ever made. We forgot about the little guy, really. But it’s back with a nice spot of its own on Samsung’s website, official specs and all.

Not much has changed here: it’s a 3.2-inch WQVGA device with a 3 megapixel camera, an 800 MHz processor, Android 2.1, and TouchWiz. This time, though, the Verizon branding is gone and we’ve learned that it’s a Google Experience phone as evidenced by the “with Google” branding on the battery door. There’s a nifty “Shop Now” button, but it didn’t pull up any local or online results. What gives Samsung? [via PhoneScoop]

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  • Nlsme

    My droidx has “with google”, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t a google experience phone.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Looks like a SuperMan phone

  • http://dafcukumeanwhatwebsite Weedalfo

    phuck you guy above me your a jacka$$

  • Scriz

    Looks like trash, and another Samsung phone that they will refuse to update.

  • Mike

    aren’t “touchwiz” and “google experience” contradictory terms?

  • http://dafcukumeanwhatwebsite Weedalfo

    looks like another crappy phone made by samsux lmaooo

  • Decimae

    @1 and @4 Google Experience just mean the android as we know it, with GAPPS(gmail, Market, maps, etc.)

  • Nlsme

    How many android phones aren’t google experience then? I know there are some that are “binged”, but only a few right?

  • Pimpstrong

    Oh dear God another Behold

  • tigger

    Anther pile of steaming poo from Samsung.

    I was wrong to not heed the warnings of those who avoided the Galaxy S phones due to their history of poor support for their customers.

    Never again.

    Please if you are also a disgruntled Samsung Android owner, join the class action referenced here:

  • tim

    Where is the home button?

  • Truth

    What a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    When the F**K is Samsung going to learn that NOBODY wants a phone that’s running their favorite outdated piece-of-sh1t Android 2.1 OS?!?!?? Gingerbread is here, people have been clamoring for Froyo for months (and some are actually getting it), and Samsung releases a brand new phone in 2011 that’s running a slow buggy outdated version that nobody wants?!?!

    STUPID!!!! Utterly moronically BRAIN-DEAD!

    Hey, Samsung! Get a friggin’ clue!! Take Eclair and cram it up your asses!!!!!

    I’d love one of these phones for free…so I can drop it in my toilet, pinch a big beefy one all over it, smash it with a broom handle, and flush it.