After Further Analysis: No Stolen Java Code Shipping with Android, After all


It seems whoever came to the conclusion that Android is shipping with a group of 30+ segments of code copied line by line from Java may have not done their homework. After further analysis of the files in question, Ed Burnette of ZDNet has concluded that there are in fact no instances of copied code shipping directly with Android.

The first set of files in question are a group used for running internal tests, and not meant to ship with a final build of Android on a device. A second set contain files specific to native code audio drivers, and also would not ship with Android. The first set did have some wonky licensing pasted on top of it, but Google has already taken upon itself to delete the files as of January 14th, 2011.

It seems the internet (we included) got a bit worked up over the sensationalist claims that Google is clearly stealing from Oracle and Java and was quick to spread the word without further checking into the code in question.

[via ZDNet | Thanks, Tati!]

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  1. Failsauce.

  2. OMG. Between this and the XOOM Motoblur epic scare, I need a drink.

  3. Phew! I definitely agree with Paul. Scary stuff.

  4. Never spit on Google… Google rocks and should never be slandered.

  5. Wish you would have researched that a bit more. Like I said that article was full of FUD

  6. Ellison the thief whines for nothing. Oracle sucks.

  7. Read the comments on ZDNEt

  8. That is what happens when you listen to Florian Müller, he is a troll and all the evidence seems to indicate he works for MS now.

  9. Look at my post about this:

    it doesnt matter if the files “shipped”… Google is still up the creek without a paddle… and Larry Ellison doesn’t call off the dogs until he gets paid…

    ps. Google IS Evil.

  10. There are reasons why very reputable tech blogs didn’t even pay attention to this news: because there is no cold-hard source to back Muller up

  11. Another reason never to listen to Florian Mueller

  12. Stop buying copyright infringing products… get an iPhone and an iPad

  13. While not damning, this still has potential implications for Google. They DID, in fact, distribute this code under a liscense that was incompatible with the license that Oracle released it under. At least for a time. How much damage was done? Probably very little. But this isn’t going to help Google when it comes time to defend itself in court.
    In the meantime, it becomes a PR mess.
    I forsee the Oracle vs Google case never coming to court. It’ll be settled behind closed doors with both companies entering some form of partnership that will increase Oracle’s value.
    Yeah, Oracle could sue and win some kind of fixed dollar amount for the alleged infringement, but they stand to win even bigger if they can stand on the same podium with the search giant.

  14. Jaiotu,

    PR damage will be oontained by articles from Zdnet, arstechnica.

  15. @Bob;
    One could hope. It takes 15 seconds for a lie to travel around the internet. Getting the truth out is much harder. Check out Engadget. They’re still running with the premise that Google stole the code and all hell is gonna rain down on them… even after the record has been set straight.
    Of course, Engadget has long been accused of being a bunch of Apple fanboys… so maybe this is just further evidence of that.
    Either way, I expect we’ll be hearing accusations about Google and code theft for a few weeks. Damn the truth, let’s go with an incriminating headline.

  16. That’s what happens when bloggers just parrot each other without checking the “source” directly.

  17. And again. Harm is done. It’s on Twitter and the news anywhere. Only because someone which needs attention said so, and all cited it.
    You all just WAIT for the thing happen to Android. You’re so eager to see it happen that you put out everything against Android without having proof.

    Sometimes, I’m sad that Google doesn’t sue for false accusations as much as Apple. But must be that “Don’r be evil” thing.

  18. @Ryo. Well now that Google has a new CEO, maybe they’ll be more aggressive and pound the snot out of stories like this? I’m hoping. They really should have bought Sun when they had a chance. Maybe with new day to day leadership they’ll be more protective of their name.

  19. A few articles that may shed more light on the subject and why it was basically FUD. <–Znet <-GrokLaw <–arstechnica

  20. Before Oracle took over Sun, the original publisher of Java, they opensourced the code. I suggest those with Android phones familiarize themselves with Linux and its history and trend in market before claims of patent infringement rears its head in future articles. I have been using Linux since 2002 and as a poster stated above using the term “fud” (fear, uncertainty, doubt) this is the reason Oracle will continue to be the black sheep in the Linux community and that same community is taking all former Sun products and forking them – OpenOffice (to LibreOffice being the biggest one I know of). Oracle, the new SCO.

  21. By pushing open standards Google is making the world a better place for consumers as opposed to closed systems which benefit huge corporations that already have shed loads of money. Thanks Google.

  22. both the lie and the truth will be on the internet forever. It might take a while, but people will read about the truth from cnet, zdnet, nytimes etc over time.

  23. It’s not as bad as it is. But this line: “The first set did have some wonky licensing pasted on top of it, but Google has already taken upon itself to delete the files as of January 14th, 2011”. They did try to change some licensing, it seems, without the approval of the license holder. Whether it shipped with devices or not, it doesn’t look good. They need to be more careful next time.

  24. about apple fanbois , nothing can be done, they will believe any bullshit about google from any source, we shouldn’t worry about that.

  25. @Anton Yes, it doesn’t look good for *Google*. But the distinction between shipping and non-shipping is crucial to the impact on *Android*. If the copying was in shipping code, Oracle could conceivably get the court to halt further distribution of their code, ie halt the sale of all the devices with existing builds, prevent OTA updates that contained the code, etc. Or make Google pay through the nose to prevent that. Either way, bad for us.

    With non-shipping code, Oracle doesn’t have leverage over anything we really care much about, so this is really good news

  26. Problem with this world let the real evidence come out the stuff thats actual evidence in the court ov law not the court ov public think they know it all.

  27. To all those people accusing Google of stealing Oracle’s Java, have you ever heard of Unbreakable Linux? Do some research and you’ll discover Oracle is using freely distributable source code straight from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or RHEL for short). Other community Linux distributors do this as well, namely Scientific and CentOS as the more popular ones. I’ve been calling them Orakill ever since they came on the scene and were mum on whether or not they were going to support Open Solaris. I’m thankful for Open Indiana; glad to see there’s still people that embrace the positive influences of free software for all instead of trying to exploit it in the name of profit.

  28. I don’t think Google took the code and placed it in the source tree but it was a third party. Is Google still liable? I am no lawyer to decide this.. but we will soon find out or we never will.. Oracle – Google may settle this behind the door…

  29. You can check out for a detailed legal analysis by PJ on this topic – esp why it is NOT what FM puts out as dire problem for Google (not least because none of this is in the current court case, and Oracle needs the court or Google’s permission to modify thier complaint).

  30. For another time:
    ABOLISH THE SOFTWARE PATENTS, the most irrational and restrictive form of patents.
    More than half of the world does not recognize the absurdity to patent 1+1=2 and especially in Europe where I live there is a viable movement against the software patents.
    (and that’s why the European Union has not recognized them till now even if malevolent lobbies have pushed towards this direction)
    It is time for USA too to develop such a viable and justifiable movement…

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