TELUS HTC Desire HD Priced at $499 without Contract, Launching February 10th

We haven’t heard much about TELUS’ version of the HTC Desire HD since we saw it pass the FCC back in December, but a new leak courtesy of MobileSyrup is giving us the details on when and for how much we can get our hands on one. It appears that the off-contract price for the Desire HD will be $499.99 when it reaches its street date on February 10th.

We still await an official announcement, but our Canadian brothers on TELUS have one pretty stellar handset to look forward to.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • andreacristiano

    So does this have the att bands and does this mean that the inspire is coming on the Feb 13 date I have been hearing?

  • TK

    Yeah, will this run on AT&T?

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Yes it will run on AT&T. And it will have HSPA+ (that which AT&T calls “4G” now). And it won’t have AT&T bloatware, and you’ll be able to install non-Market apps. :)

  • Loiselle

    Perhaps this is a guideline date… maybe sometime on or around that date the US will get the Inspire.

  • Cody

    ATT subscribers are better off getting the Telus version and unlocking it rather then getting it on ATT

  • Ace Curry

    I still don’t see the difference between this and the Inspire. I’m going to root it and load a different ROM anyways thats if I get it (part of me thinks its smart to just wait until AT&T starts rolling out LTE to upgrade my phone. While the Liquid is over a year old, it is still a good device).

  • Brandon

    Supposedly the inspire has a 4GB Rom, do you think the Telus Desire HD will also have a 4GB Rom or just the normal 1.5 like the Euro version?