LG Ally Set to Get Froyo Upgrade

“Your LG Ally Just Got Better,” says Verizon as they’re getting ready to push out a pretty tasty update for the LG Ally. Android 2.2 is on its way according to a leaked .PDF detailing the upgrade – one we expect to see on Verizon’s site soon enough. “VS740ZVD” is the name/number of this one, though we don’t have a specific time fame nor can we confirm which of Froyo’s features will make it into the upgrade. (It’s not uncommon to hear that some devices may not support Flash regardless of OS version.) [via AC]

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  • Aeok18109

    yay lets update ancient ass phones. hell i cant even knock them. at least LG updates there shit.


  • chris

    yessssssssssssss i love you verizon

  • Lewis

    Why would Verizon update the Ally and not the Eris? Just curious.

  • Karnka

    “their shit”

    (I’m finding it hard not to correct people’s grammar recently).

    And it’s no doubt LG and HTC, not Verizon who have the say here.

  • chris

    probobly becouse the eris isnt sold anymore? the eris doesnt have as many features as the ally

  • http://techofweb.com Atul@TechOfWeb

    Verizon upadted the Ally and not Eris..Might be that Ally is more advanced and upgraded than Eris..

    People like Ally more.
    Verizon can get huge sales from Ally more as compared to that of Eris…


  • Lewis

    I don’t own the Eris anymore, but that phone needed 2.2 for storage and for processor. The Ally could use it too I suppose (and Verizon still sells the Ally).

  • Dave

    I’m just gonna go bang my head against a wall until I forget that Froyo even exists so that I will be happy owning my Fascinate.

  • Jason

    What about the LG Shine Plus ? (LG Ally in canada)

  • jroc

    Looks bad for Samsung. A lesser phone gets Froyo and they are dragging their feet on the Galaxy S line.
    I said Never Again to them for reception. Looks like I Never Will for updates…

  • Edgar

    Will the fact that I am rooted and have taken off some stock apps affect my OTA update? If so… what should I do?

  • jdog25

    This is so literally May 2010.

  • Dan

    Oh LG why couldn’t you be the one to make the Galaxy S Vibrant…

  • Ryan

    Really impressed to hear the Ally is getting froyo before my fascinate. Awesome Samsung.

  • CrashVideo

    The Ally was released last May. ASSUMING it receives Froyo THIS month, it will have taken eight months to get it. By that measure, Verizon/Samsung have until May to get 2.2 on the Fascinate, a device that was released last September.

  • iamsteventucker

    history predicts the future. who buys a samsung when they knew what happend with the behold II?

  • AllyUser101

    About time, Prop to LG for finally listening to the Users

  • Sanjeev

    Huh? Pretty sure my brother’s Ally came with 2.2 preloaded in August when he got a new phone.

  • Aeok18109

    i didnt know anything about the behold before i bought my vibrant. i upgraded from a mytouch 3g.hence my #neveragain sentiment now

  • Mitchell

    Wow LG really made me change my whole perspective of them.

  • Just me

    no flash on this upgrade for those who think or hope its coming.