Skype Completes Buyout of Qik

In a tech world where it seems to typically take an eternity to ink a deal between two companies, the Skype buyout of Qik that we heard of just a little over a week ago was completed as of last Friday. For now it looks like the two will continue as separate brands leveraging each other’s technology, but we will see how long that lasts. Nothing should change for the end user any time soon.

[Skype via Engadget]

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  • Shannon


  • Jeff Schlags

    skype is useless at the moment. why should i need to be on wifi just to make an audio call?

  • john the lesser

    i was(and still am) wondering how this would play out. will skype use QIK to get video chat going mobile finally, or will they just shut it down to reduce the competition? i find it annoying that skype didn’t come out of the gate with mobile video chat. of course i also find it annoying that they started out being locked down to the big VD.