It’s Not Google TV, but RCA’s Android Television Doesn’t Look that Bad [VIDEO, CES 2011]

I will get this out of the way: if you want a TV with Android inside, you want Google TV. You don’t want one of the several models shown off at CES featuring half-baked versions of Android running alongside — but not integrated directly into — the TV viewing experience. Having said that, we checked out a couple and they don’t look awful, just not as thoroughly thought out or well-rounded and polished as Google TV.

RCA will be dropping a lineup of Android-laden televisions next fall, and so far they are looking pretty decent. You will see in the video below that the TV will do just about everything you’d expect an Android device to do (aside from make phone calls and send SMS messages): surf the web, mess around with apps (though we doubt the Market will make an appearance), check your email, etc.. See a quick overview below:

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  • Fishypea

    I’d have to agree. Though I don’t have a Google TV, these versiobns of Internet TVs don’t seem to use Androids app without borders mentality

  • Josh

    these are cool i guess but Google TV just ROCKS!
    Ive had mine since christmas eve and the whole family LOVES it!

  • Jonathan Drake

    I’m sorry but fragmenting the TV market with different custom versions of Android or Google TV is not good. The only reason I would ever buy a device run either is because of a unified platform for app delivery. If you don’t have that then I don’t really care if it’s one of those or not since I can get all the basic video apps with a $80 BR which is cheaper and can play BR.

  • Erik

    Why settle for a knock-off?? While Android has some amazing products, for this particular function GoogleTV is where it’s at!! As an employee at DISH I’ve had some time to play around with this system and it adds so many options to your home entertainment system. Using the wireless remote/keyboard and miniscule set top box, a viewer can turn their biggest TV into their new computer system. Use Google to search for themes, actors, titles and much more. No more watching blockbuster movies on a tiny laptop!! Check out more info at DISH.Com/GoogleTV