Android-Powered Exercise Bike? It Could Happen [VIDEO] [CES 2011]

I ran into the folks at Touch Revolution at this year’s CES. Their product? Displays. Nothing to get up in arms about, right? They created a couple of concept devices, though, which I now find myself really wanting to see come to reality. The biggest of which was an exercise bike with a nicely-sized display running Android. Loaded onto it was a custom interface for setting up all of your workout settings and information, as well as a pretty decent selection of apps. Imagine riding your bike while looking at Facebook, watching YouTube, or listening to Pandora.

The theme at this year’s CES – at least for everything that wasn’t a cell phone – was making things smarter. Smart TVs, smart cars, smart appliances. We’ll be seeing more of the same through 2011 and I think it’ll go full blast in 2012. At least for the smaller guys, Android seems to be the perfect software component to help apply “smart” to everything else. Take a look at the thing in action above. Note: the bike doesn’t interface with Android in this video. It’s only a concept.

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  • Ry

    What a great combination!

  • acupunc

    people could be charging their smartphones while at the fitness center. . . might as well get a little free energy form all those workouts. . .

  • andrew

    that is awesome!

  • Dave

    I would love an Android powered exercise bike, but alas, I expect that the exercise bike will still be powered by me.

  • dork

    android < the world

  • dork

    android > the world*