Motorola Expected to Move 800,000 XOOM Tablets in Q1


It may not be on every carrier in every region imaginable, but Motorola’s looking to challenge Samsung’s 1 million Galaxy Tab sales with their XOOM tablet. DigiTimes is reporting that they’ll be shipping as many as 700,000 to 800,000 tablets in Q1. If we extrapolate those exact numbers just into Q2 (no drops forecast in the trends, of course) they could match what Samsung’s achieved at the end of 2010, and could double it by the end of 2011. Not a scientific outlook at all, but it’s still something to think about. Samsung and others aren’t sleeping at the wheel, of course, so it remains to be seen if they won’t be met with any resistance in trying to reach this goal.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I plan to be 1 of 800,000 then :) Can’t wait for this to come out. I’m only afraid my wifes going to take it and give her ipad to my 3 year old :( So i’ll have to buy 2!

  2. After me, they will only need another 799,998 more to meet their goal in Q1.

  3. One for me please!

  4. Beware, they won’t start shipping with LTE hardware in them till Q2.

    If you buy one of the first ones you have to ship it back to Moto and they’ll install the 4g hardware.


  5. Make that 799,997.. I’m getting one too.

  6. 799,996

  7. @ Tad they said that it is upgradable to LTE. Via hardware or software upgrade?

  8. I’ll wait for the wifi version.

  9. Man I hope the don’t mess this up and not release a WiFi version. How else are the going to sell 1 million, the Galaxy Tab is on multiple carriers around the world. I got a Nexus S with free tethering so I don’t need any carrier, thank goodness for T-mobile’s fast 3G I wouldn’t like to be on another carrier and only be getting 1mbps on their 3G.

  10. @Pimpstrong

    It’s hardware.

    The sim slot is there, but there’s no radio. It was built to be upgraded so it won’t be too painful.

    But does anybody else think that 800 000 seems a little weak? The iPad pushed a million units in less than a month. I guess that’s what happens when you’re first to the market…

  11. @Quentyn I keep reading comments from people asking if Honeycomb is for phones and I wanted to know if you have seen the interview with Matias Duarte and also why hasn’t Phandroid posted the video yet. Who better to get answers about Honeycomb from then the guy who designed it?

  12. The might not be able to release a WiFi only if they have an exclusivity agreement with Verizon that doesn’t allow it.

  13. @uprooted A guy from Motorola in Latin America said that they would be releasing a WiFi only version but he didn’t say if it would be available world wide or just in Latin America. Since it is the first real Android tablet I would assume that if they do release a WiFi version that it would be Nexus branded because I’m sure that Version owns the Xoom name. The Droid 1 was stock Android and it did go to other countries but with a different name.

  14. 800,000 Tablets on just one carrier and that carrier already has a tablet would be impressive to me. As jdog25 said the Galaxy tab sold worldwide to hit a Milli. And I doubt there will be a WiFi only version.

  15. Unless, its absurdly high I will be one of the many getting one

  16. I actually don’t care about the wifi only version. Kinda defeats the point.

  17. @jdog25, the LATAM market wouldn’t necessarily be covered by an exclusivity agreement with Verizon. It would likely only cover areas served by Verizon. And while you could technically import one yourself, there’s no telling how any market customizations might affect it (will some apps be blocked, for example?)

  18. @ROM the Spaceknight: If the XOOM gets rooted (and I’m sure the hackers will be all over this thing) it would likely be possible to circumvent any carrier customizations.

  19. I wonder if it will have a signed bootloader. In that case i will not be getting one. I Hope google announce a dev tablet soon.

  20. I all ways hear people asking for wifi version only but really,how much cheaper you think it will be if they remove the radio. The device is already wifi capable, just pay full price and skip the data charges and you have just what you ask for.

  21. Any ideas on the price?

  22. If there isn’t a WiFi version then I won’t buy it because even the Droid 1 with Stock had to wait 2 to 3 months to get an update, thanks to Motorola and Verizon.

  23. And wifi only will get you updates faster? Solid reasoning there.

  24. A Wifi version would be Nexus branded and would get the latest updates first, also I’m sure that Google would like to offer developers an official developer tablet, just like the Nexus One & S are the developer phones. Many devs have said that their apps work best on stock Android and they only run into problems when Android has manufacturer skins.

  25. I think they are aiming low, Theres alot of untapped tablet market left and I think Xoom will fill another huge void, Galaxy Tab warmed alot of people up to tablets Xoom is gonna be aight. I cant wait to buy mine, beg, borrow, or steal.

  26. Today is a sad day, Verizon just announced the iPhone 4. Oh well I never really liked Verizon anyway and people kept saying that they loved Android but I think they loved the money they made from Android.

  27. I prefer wifi only… but Im going to buy a Xoom regardless 3g/4g or price… this is the tablet that will take the throne from ipad!

  28. Of course they love the money. The iphone doesn’t effect me at all.

  29. At the moment the Xoom is up for £720 ($1122) in the uk on pre order. That’s too much for me.

  30. As I’m on AT&T, WiFi only is all I care about. As well, I can tether to my Captivate if I want to use 3G.

    1100 is way too much if it is going to be in that price range.

  31. @jdog

    Wifi only does not mean anything as far as developer tabs go. Don’t know why you think it does.

  32. It will be interesting to compare it to the 7″ models coming out. I am not sure which size is more practical. It does seem like a true beast however. If you do not want a data package you pay for one month and drop it. You can always pick it up gain.

  33. @jdog25
    Breaking news! For-profit company likes money!

  34. Gonna get the Wifi version, but don’t like the forward/back bar at the bottom. I think this should at least be configurable and turn it off, and use specific finger gestures instead to switch between the home screen, other apps, etc.

  35. As long as there is no contract I am in!

    I’ll snap off $600 for wifi only. Willing to pay more obv.

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