Custom ROM Gives Samsung Behold II Android 2.2.1

While Samsung may be just as well to let the Behold II go, never doubt that when given the opportunity the modders and hackers of the world will make something out of it. With the Android 1.6 source code recently released, new custom ROMs based off Android 2.2.1 have been popping up for the handset. They aren’t the prettiest or most functional custom builds we’ve seen, but hey, it count for something, right?

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • mike

    we can thank eugene373 for this! though i personally think he should be working on the vibrant lol

  • shawn1224

    Eugene finally did it!!!! albeit a day late and a dollar short LOL

  • Aztec

    yes!!! makes me want to use the behold again. :)

  • Aztec

    I always tell people that Eugene should get hired by Samsung and help them out. he does all the work himself and provides with better stuff. Samsung dont be foolish!

  • swehes

    Actually Eugene works with Barak in bringing things to us mortal consumers. And I do agree that I would rather see him work on the 2.3 sourcecode for Nexus S and port it to the Vibrant. :)

  • 2FR35H

    So its past the other issues??? Thanks BH-MAN!

  • Jay

    its a shame a lot of us gave up on the behold – 2 a long time ago

  • curlypubics

    Behold 2 has a good camera,it takes better pics than my Mytouch4g, but the lack of 2.1 or even 2.2 made it the worst phone,I’ve exchanged it over 10 times and they wouldn’t give me a new smartphone,they only offered me the free crappy flip phones,dumbphones.that’s not fair. I’ll never buy another Samsung fone again,I lovd my HTC.

    P.S. EUGENE373 made my behold 2 very fast and should of came like that from t-mobile. I have donated money to Eugene for his work.peace.

  • Joe

    where can i find a link to the ROM?

  • Shannen

    I want to know where i can find the link to the ROM too

  • ck11747

    I know a little bit about Android App programming plus a little bit of Linux. Can I participate or help to get ROM working for my Behold II collecting dust on the shelf? Samsung should give us money back for false promise. They are too busy putting their resources on Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1.

  • Vertexdr

    where to download android 2.2.1 and how to install?