Sony Ericsson: XPERIA 10 Line Will Get No Updates Beyond 2.1

The first disappointment of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA line was that it was leaked what seemed like a decade before the company actually launched them. Product after product was leaked and launched while the XPERIA series waited in the wings for its shine.

Because of the delays, it launched with less fanfare than initial buzz indicated it would, but there are still a ton of faithful XPERIA followers who snagged the first ever Sony Ericsson Android devices. To those I say it may be time to root or look towards a new phone if you hope to have anything beyond Android 2.1. According to AndroidCommunity, SE officials have indicated the XPERIA line will get no updates beyond Android 2.1.

What a shame. Hopefully they’re just making room to R&D and launch products that are better, focusing on their next round of awesome androids. I have to say… I really enjoyed the XPERIA X10 Mini has a interesting Android device that would appeal to the non-smartphone enthusiasts who wants a small but powerful new phone. Hopefully they continue creating stuff like that.

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  • Hulk smash

    Finally great news! Good job!

  • anon

    They buried themselves in their customizations. Sony isn’t in the running for my Android money anymore. I think I might actually trust Sony less than Samsung when it comes to delivering the latest Android.

  • http://phandroid David R

    It just makes it an easier choice, in my next phone…. No SE. Sad, I really liked the look and feel of the X10.

  • hotmann

    @anon agreed…all these manufacturers trying to “set themselves apart” with their skins and customizations are really just screwing themselves and the end users.

  • Pimpstrong

    Ouch. I wish I knew code to understand what is the problem with updating. I’m not tryina knock the devs but going from 2.1 – 2.2 is not like reinventing the wheel…is it?

  • ChaosKiller

    Well at least Sony Ericsson is honest about this, still waiting for Froyo on my Motorola Milestone. Not sure if this will ever come :(

  • Charles in Vancouver

    I wonder if the ROMs from their newer phones will have any possibility of being backported…

  • Ace Curry

    Isn’t the worst thing. How many phones which released with Donut actually saw Froyo? The Xperia is in the same boat as the Liquid A1. It has the hardware to support 2.2 but the manufacturer is refusing to update it because they feel that their obligation to support the product has been fulfilled with one OS update (tho at least the Liquid has many stable 2.2 ROMs, not sure about the Xperia).

  • henk janse

    honnest? marketing and the truth dont match up with sony ericson.

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    @Ace Curry, this sounds so true, you would think that if they don’t want to support their phones, don’t spend so much time on developing a super bloated custom UI and just use the stock Android. That would make them extremely actractive…good hardware…stock Android, this way we know we can get our updates. Even better they can contract Cynogen…they would love to help Sony figure it out.

    For now…Sony needs to stick to the Playstation!

  • Dan

    if only google did what microsoft did and said no to oem’s and carriers putting their trash on android

  • Jarl

    way too late with their 2.1 update and now no 2.2?

    bye bue SE, go sit in the corner with Motorola, you’re not allowed to play anymore!

  • Hulk smash

    @ jari same with samsung too. Ba haha!

  • Lee

    what I can’t understand is that they are dumping perfectly good hardware – the x10 runs a 1Ghz processor, the same as the Arc….. pah, I was planning to ditch my Magic in Q2 for the x10…..not now. Any chance of SE being lobbied to change their mind on this (HTC gave in to update the Magic to 2.1)?

  • samt114

    Would you like to explain how you can put custom roms on the X10?

  • Darren

    @Dan, you realise that then Android would be about as popular as Windows. How many Windows phones have been announced compared to Android phones in the last couple of days? Allowing oem’s and carriers putting their trash on Android is exactly what makes it so popular. It doesn’t worry me – buy a popular, capable phone and there’s any number of custom ROMs available.

  • GZ

    I tried to warn people not to buy a SE phone for the simple fact they didn’t support the Xperia X1. Now the same thing is happening all over again but this time it’s Android instead of Windows Mobile.

    When will people learn to stay away from SE products?

    Now Motorola and Samsung seem to be following in SE’s footsteps with HTC closing in rapidly. Soon all manufacturers will be expecting you to buy their latest cell in order to have the latest version of Android.

    How do you end of life a product that’s not even a year old?

  • InspectorGadget

    Damn I’m so glad I return my shitty X10.

  • bartalos

    Bye-bye SE. Then have experienced disappointment at the Xperia X1. Bye-bye SE Xperia X 10 on my phone two weeks ago. sold! Now I’m happy HTC Desire HD owner. Never again will I buy SE phone! Outrageous.

  • Ajith kumar dk

    i wont buy xperia just because of this problem
    gonna buy motorolla or an htc

  • bADiTCH

    Check out alot of information is in the forums for the x10.