Sharp Galapagos Tablets ARE Running Android

Although we’ve believed these devices would be running Android from the start – and although Sharp wasn’t ready to announce what operating system it’d be running just yet when Rob spoke to them yesterday – I tracked down the Galapagos tablets on the CES show floor and I did something crazy: I opened the browser. The browser wasn’t functional at all, but it was identical to the stock browser you’d see on countless Android phones.

We’re not sure why Sharp wants to be so hush-mouth on this device just because there are no current plans to release it in the United States – they declined to offer any specs and any other information aside from the obvious inclusion of a nice looking eReading app – but the Galapagos is still one to look out for as Sharp looks to get this thing out to other regions later in the year.

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  • Robert Barrett

    Oh oh, they are going put a contract on you know buddy!!!!!! LOL Good job you sneaky guys. We love it.

  • boxmander

    Busted, take that corporate secrecy

  • austin

    should have side loaded angry birds on it while you were there to realy prove it :P