Jan, 05 2011

8:39 AM: Jane Lynch wants us to use “OMG LG!” as a headline. I think not. But we’re done here! We’ll be working to get up the latest videos and pictures regarding everything Android related that LG announced.

LG Optimus Black Announcement Video @ CES 2011:

LG Optimus 2X Promo Video @ CES 2011:

8:38 AM: 19 Smart TV models to span 8 different series will be offered. Looks like we can cross LG off of that Google TV list.

8:36 AM: If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the official press shot of the LG Black:

8:34 AM: LG says 41% of consumers preferred Smart TV compared to 22% that preferred Google TV. Fight!

8:32 AM: There will be a smartphone app to help you control your Smart TV from your phone – we assume Android will be included in the crop of operating systems that this app will be released on.

8:30 AM: Tim Alessi – Director of New Product Development and Home Entertainment – takes the stage to go in-depth about Smart TV.

8:28 AM: Smarter Cooling: Imagine a refrigerator that can detect what food you’re running low on. It’ll send you a shopping list to let you know what you need to pick up.

8:27: Smarter Laundry: THINQ technology will let you know if something goes wrong during your washing and drying cycles.

8:26 AM: Smarter Cooking: your oven will be able to detect which day it is and serve up popular holiday recipes.

8:25 AM: Wayne just wrapped his presentation up. Patrick Steinkuhl takes the stage to talk more about LG’s THINQ products.

8:23 AM: As we heard before, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to monitor several types of appliances. See if your laundry is near done, if your┬árefrigerator is open, or if your roast is just about juicy enough to eat.

8: 21 AM: Wayne’s talking about LG Smart Appliances – THINQ. We heard about this yesterday.

8:19 AM: The Black will be available worldwide. Too many countries for me to remember, actually.

8:17 AM: LG Optimus Black’s thin and bright display called the “NOVA Display”. Video promo is going right now.

8:16 AM: LG Optimus Black with Android 2.2 has just been announced. Optimus 2X, as well. More details here.

8:14 AM:Could Smart TV give Google TV a run for its money? Maybe. Lots of apps and content providers, but no real advantages over Google. Pricing wars imminent!

8:12 AM: Don’t worry, an Android phone was flashed during their overview of what they’ll be talking about. We should be hearing about a few new phones soon enough!

8:11 AM: We’re about to take a look at Smart TV. Doesn’t look like Google TV, unfortunately.

8:05 AM: This is just the “ambiance” of the room:

8:03 AM: LG’s Wayne Park – President and CEO – takes the stage.

8:00 AM: Jane Lynch up on the big screen to kick things off. She’s talking about how LG’s helped her disease of “Text Rage”.

7:55 AM: We’re seated and ready to be dazzled by LG! They have a bunch of TVs propped up on stage. Calling them Smart TVs. Google TV, anyone?

We’re headed to the LG Press Conference at CES Press┬áDay and will be blogging live… so keep this page open and refresh like crazy starting at 8am Pacific Time (11am Eastern), when the event kicks off!

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