LG Revolution and Optimus Tab To Be Announced Tomorrow

We just wrapped up our coverage of the LG Press Conference at CES 2011 and the main Android/Mobile announcement is something Phandroid leaked a couple weeks ago- the LG Optimus Black was made official.┬áBut what about the LG Optimus Tab we’ve heard so much about? And what about the LG Revolution? Both will likely be announced tomorrow.

Last night, Engadget got ahold of a promo picture of the LG Revolution that also staked the claim, “The Largest, Most Advanced 4G Network in the world”:

Sounds like Verizon to me, and considering Verizon has a Keynote presentation and a bunch of press conferences and events, something tells me they’ll be doing the announcement of the Revolution.

I didn’t personally hear a peep about the LG Optimus Tab at LG’s conference, but CrunchGear is saying that LG themselves announced that the announcement of the Tab would occur tomorrow at a seperate event. An announcement of an announcement- how dandy. Also last night, Engadget got their hands on a leaked pic of said Optimus Tab… those lucky ducks:

Regardless, our ears are still perked and we’ll be paying close attention.

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  • John B.

    Looks good. A little odd LG is saying “largest”. I don’t think even Verizon makes that claim (could be wrong), but they do say “most advanced”.

  • Decimae

    That picture is of another device. Engadget has a message about it.

  • iamsteventucker

    Verizon claims, “Largest and most reliable”

  • Chris

    would love this phone on verizon lets hope thats who gets it


    looks like an iPad with that square button