Amazon’s Android App Store Opens up to Developers


The Amazon Appstore — the internet retailers attempt to take advantage of Android’s open strategy and consumer’s general annoyance with Google’s handling of app sales — has opened its doors to developers as of today. Makers of apps can register and submit their software; the store will launch to the public later this year.

It remains to be seen how exactly Android users will respond or how Amazon will present the didigtal storefront, but if it becomes successful it opens up a whole new avenue for finding quality Android apps. We’d still prefer for Google to finally launch their overhauled web component for the Android Market so that we can find all of our apps in one place, but if third party stores will help separate quality from crap we will support the notion for now.

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  1. For such a world class company I don’t know why it’s taking so damn long. I submitted my apps back in October and I’ve had two major updates and at least three bugfix releases since then, I’m not sure why they wanted my apps way back then when they aren’t ready to go themselves.

    Not to mention, BOTH times, when first we were to use the FTP, and now with the developer portal, the information in the email they sent me was incorrect and did not work. Thankfully they were easy to communicate with email and get it straightened out.

    However, I have to say so far I’m not convinced in their ability to do such a great job…slower than a turtle as well as mistake ridden so far. They better get off their ass quick if they want to compete with Android Market, where I’ve made pretty good money. Don’t see any point in hanging around Amazon if they can’t get their act together and unless there is a financial reason for me to do so.


  2. Join the developer program now, and we’ll waive the $99 program fee for your first year!

    Ehm, are they planning to charge me $99/year?

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