Playstation Phone Spied with Xperia Branding

While every shot of the Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone has thus far looked to be more of product prototypes rather than the finished product, the latest set of images seems to hedge closer to a worthy release candidate, as evidenced by the addition of Xperia branding. We have already heard countless times that the phone may not receive Playstation branding and would indeed fall into the Xperia line of Android handsets, and this latest leak seems to solidify the word of Sony execs that it might be a better idea to distance the two brands a bit.

Word is the phone could eventually be called the Xperia Play, a name that would still evoke the Playstation line while remaining a distinct entity. Still, you have to wonder why they would use the Playstation buttons and NOT associate it with the gaming console.

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]

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  • WhoaManWtF

    Stop calling it the playstation phone, it’s just a android with a game pad. Meaning the same games we have now with maybe new ones being built for it using sony’s hookups. But if they don’t put next gen hardware it won’t matter.

  • ShinJetBlack

    WhoaManWtF-I couldn’t agree more! if this thing isn’t fully compatible with PSN, meaning ALL of the PSP Go’s lineup is compatible for download, you can chalk this one up in the loss column…And I, for one, will be infuriated…I’ve been wanting a good all-in-one convergence device for ages. And Sony would have been successful in completely playing with my emotions…

  • http://n/a anthony

    Not pumped …it looks cheap. Seems like a one up tool ” oh ya u got a slide out key board check this out i got a playstation key board yea now what” lame!!

  • Kory

    I’m guessing that they dropped the playstation tag because it doesn’t play games as well as everyone had hoped for and they don’t want playstations name associate with it

  • Abrown

    Yeah this thing needs PSP games to really impress me. And at least try to have some decent hardware. C’mon Sony! You give us Blu-Ray and a fast processor in the PS3! make this thing rock.

  • Alex

    I agree with the above commenters. I think they’re not using the “Playstation” name because they’re afraid that it will tarnish the name.

  • Rdx

    it is a playstation phone because you can PLAY PLAYSTATION games on it, stop fucking cribbing and go hide in your respective basements.

  • Angel

    i am actually pretty excited about this device. i love playing with emulators on my phone but many games are hard to play due to the controls.

  • Pochi

    Sony’s hardware and software quality is getting worse each day.

    Miss Good Ol’ Sony (In general, not only SE).

  • Patrick

    Actually I like this design way better than the others. Although I’d rather have some sort of physical keyboard. Can’t always get what you want though.

  • PSGuy

    Hey, guys you really need to get in touch as Xperia will be having game streaming services similar to onlive which is what this device caters too, Also I give you note Gaikai will also be compatible with this device as well so please stop your moaning and get with the knowledge bandwagon of what and where tech is. Forget about hardware spects, when streaming is involved.