Samsung Kies Air Brings Wireless Sync to the Galaxy S

Samsung has recently launched a new component to their desktop Kies software in the Samsung Apps store for the Galaxy S. Kies Air allows your Windows PC running Kies to sync wirelessly with your Galaxy S handset provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. This will let you view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks, and IMs, and even allow you to send SMS messages from the comfort of your home computer (we all know how hard reaching over and picking up the phone can be).

You won’t find it for the Galaxy Tab or the American variants of the Galaxy S, so this app should only be useful (or about as useful as a Kies-related app could be) to this using the international Galaxy S i9000.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  • Pyronick

    Simple WiFi sync should have been a native feature in Android.

  • Perseus

    Here is a review of Air Kies

  • Idiot

    Eh? So they made this but they cant release 2.2 or 2.3…nice

  • Pimpstrong

    Damn US carriers.

  • Pimpstrong

    They DID release 2.2 Idiot. The carriers haven’t.

  • Robbert

    @Idiot(fitting name) They released 2.2 for the international Galaxy S a long time ago.

  • joedon3

    I wonder if it will work on an American version running an International ROM. :)

  • yahya

    It is not a kies related app,all what you need is an internet navigator …

  • moses

    I am still having issues connecting to kies via cable. I even had to flash FroYo rather than update with kies. (international version)
    Kies fails. Lets hope this thing changes all.

  • TatiG

    yeah, I cannever connect to Kies using my cable. such a big fail.

    I hear Google refused to licence Kies in US. So, for US customers, not having Kies is actually a blessing.

    I am assuming you will probably receive update OTA.

  • Taylor

    Still the U.S. without 2.2 and now again the U.S. gets dicked out of something else…Thanks!

  • http://na shane stich

    Hey, I have a new 10 day old Gal tab and when i connect to pc with usb it says KEIS connected… What else do i need to do?

  • teckel

    Samsung has yet to release a bug-free 2.2, which is why the carriers have not sent it to phones. The ball is still in Samsung’s court.

  • Brad

    I can pretty much guarantee you that if the Froyo upgrades could only be installed as a fresh install, with all user data and apps wiped off the device, it would work fine. It’s upgrading over the existing OS with all apps and user data intact that’s the problem. Ask anyone how well a fresh install of a new version of Windows compares to an in-place upgrade over a previous version, and anyone who’s seen it done both ways will tell you the clean install is the only way to do it properly. Problem is, the carriers probably won’t agree to that, as it would make their customers mad as heck. Sprint already did that with the 2.1 upgrades for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment, and I don’t think it went over very well.