Ramos Will be Showing Three Tablets at CES

Consumers will be able to look over three new tablets that Ramos will have on display at this year’s CES, the W10 W12 and W15. Not much is known in the specification department for any of these tablets outside of a few details on the display.

The W12 will be an 8″ display with a 4:3 ratio. The W15 will also be an 8″ display but balling out with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

[via MP4 Nation]

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  • Twenty4

    Who the hell is Ramos?

  • dork

    more tablets. great.

  • Ed


    i think he was a wrestler in the old wwf. i guess he’s making android devices now

  • Bob

    That was Razor Ramon. And he’s a sad drunk now who can barely stand on his own.

  • pie-eater

    I think it is great more tablets are coming, the whole world seems to be focusing on the Apple tablet.

  • http://www.best7android.com Abu Sadek

    More tablets are coming and i am getting more confused to choose between netbook or tablet. Is tablet really helpful for website related works?

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Friggen awesome RAZOR RAMON tablets!
    Looks like these are going to make their users as drunk and sad as he is…

  • iamsteventucker

    I was always razor ramon on the n64 wwf game haha

  • Optimus Prime

    RAZOR RAMON…my hero!!!

  • Mike D

    build quality looks nice. hopefully they perform well and are reasonably priced.

  • jroc

    LMAO@ Ed…
    Razor Ramon…forgot all about that guy.
    Ramos….dont they make noodles? Or it could be the guy from Beat Street making Android Tablets now.
    Hell, I’m about to make an Android Tablet.

  • Mike

    Not clear on what “balling out” means, can someone explain please. Also what is the point of a 4:3 display? does anything still use this ancient cinema and TV format ?

  • Chris93036

    I just asked in the other comment for a 8″ tablet!! And here they are in two different ratios” lol. Wow!!

  • JJ

    I’ll buy like 12 of these as long as the notification tone is “….(giant pause)…….HEY YO!”

  • http://ADWheelerPhotography.com ADWheeler Photography

    Who the hell works in the naming designation department and names a 10″ tab the W10 and the 8″ tab a W12 and worse yet, the W15?!??!

  • rayzor rrrramon

    hey yoo..chiiiko, buy my tablet

  • http://www.mydroidworld.com ksizzle9

    I swear it looks like it reads MIUIMIUI in the top left hand corner