North American Desire HD Passes Through FCC

Eight days ago MobileSyrup treated us to an image of the Desire HD with a Telus Logo on the boot screen. Now Engadget has dug up the FCC filing HTC put in for this device. Adding these two bits together and we have some potentially great news for Telus users.

Expect this device to be loaded with Telus’ 3G frequencies, meaning users that can’t do without this device can use it on AT&T, Bell and Rogers.

[via Engadget]

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  • Adrian

    why are you getting a Desire HD? I thought the Desire HD was supposed to be the European Evo

  • lefty

    good news, I own a desire hd already on t-mobile but if they going to get the DHD in the USA as well it just means there will be a bigger community behind it, hence more modding :o)

  • bmg314

    @Adrian: nope, this kicks the bejeesus out of the Evo.

  • Ace Curry

    If HTC does not release a dual core device anytime in the near future, consider this COPPED!

  • Rob

    Front facing camera?

  • Cody
  • LCW

    no front facing cam… big fail… Evo still better… as will be the Thunderbolt/Mecha/Incredible HD

  • Cody

    How long did the desire and the desire Z take to be released after it was passed by the FCC?

  • anton

    The Desire HD is a better device than the HTC Evo 4G…the desire hd’s screen displays 16m colors rather than the evo with 65k…the desire hd has more ram with 768mb vs. the evo with 512mb…the desire hd also had dolby srs and other sound enhancements…not to mention the desire hd is a gsm phone with hsdpa(14.4mbps) and hsupa(5.76mbps) capabilities…not to mention its lighter.

  • Daniel Greer

    This sucks. I am already an Evo owner but was rather irked at HTC for releasing this beauty in Europe and not here in the U.S. I am NOT a tech geek that has to have the latest and greatest, but given the fact that the HD has to be based rather strongly on the Evo’s build platform, why in the hell would they not go ahead and offer this instead of what now looks like a rather paltry second place. This was only weeks behind the Evo in terms of development. I am not a huge fan of AT&T, but I would have considered switching carriers for this one.

  • sansenoy

    Well, here’s the gospel for all of you not from Europe: Desire HD is JUNK. The battery is smaller than the Wildfire’s (1230 vs 1300 mAh) and NON-UPGRADEABLE, all that dolby & srs crap doesn’t mean a thing when the speaker is one of the worst ones on market, not just in the flagship domain. Considering the fact it is the only choice in this quality range we have over here, this is a major disappointment and it says a lot about htc and their attitude about battery life, pretty much cementing their reputation of not caring at all… On the other hand, the software and hardware are SUPERB, don’t forget about 768MB of RAM and DLNA!

  • Adrian

    @sansenoy my friend has a Desire HD and surprisingly enough, his battery appears to last longer than my HTC Legend’s (1300mAh) when both of them have 3G turned on and with about the same usage. Did I mention it kicks the living sh*t out of any other phone?

  • sansenoy

    @adrian – I know it does, but you can’t compare it to a phone half as powerful with a screen half its resolution, almost half it’s size; way too many halves in that argument… I was even saving money for it because i know HTC can make a true monster device today, but they were obviously not allowed to make it thicker than the competition, so certain sacrifices were made which proved too painful to swallow, personally.