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CM7 Alpha Goes myTouch 4G

The CM7 alpha train just keeps rolling along, it has now made its way to T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G. Naturally, the Alpha state means that one should only flash this out of absolute curiosity, play around then flash back to the original ROM; or have two myTouch 4Gs laying around.

XDA member, option94, compiled this one and has some pretty simple instructions for getting it flashed; provided, of course, your myTouch is ready for custom ROMs.

[Read on AndroidSPIN]

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  • Walt

    I just rooted my MT3G last night. I’m currently running CM6 RC2, and I love it! My last phone was a stock N1, so CM feels like coming home. I can’t wait for CM7.

  • Walt

    Doh! MT4G not 3g

  • john

    MyTouch Slide! C’mon, Wes!

  • Jason

    I too am a slide owner and I think our device is going to be among the last to see a CM7 alpha or whatever.

  • Me

    Samsung sucks Co#k!!!!!

  • Covert

    tried RC0 of CM7 on EVO and it is nice… plenty bugs but niceeeee

  • lolobabes

    wonder when will I get the Gingerbread on mt N1… haaaay

  • Cheap Aluminium

    HTC sucks Co#k!!!!!

  • Decimae

    Yes, MT3G(dream, G1(mine), magic, sapphire) would be cool.

  • Decimae

    Also @1 why are you using CM6RC2? CM6.1 is already available.

  • Ehhhh


  • Ehhhh


    Not for MyTouch4G, it’s 6.1.2RC2.

  • Alex

    Great news! Can’t wait for a stable Cyanogen 7 for MT4G

  • Rab Jacksin