Dell India Showing Venue

Dell India’s website is now showcasing the Android powered Venue, claiming it to be “your own personal express lane to everything”. This 4.1″ display and FroYo powered device invokes the feeling “what else ya got?”, and doesn’t play to the wow factor. That’s not to say this device doesn’t have the specs we can expect for the time being:

  • FroYo
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 4.1″ WVGA AMOLED display
  • 8MP Camera with video capture
  • PC syncing software
  • 1400mAh battery

[via Cell Passion | Venue on Dell India]

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  • vinz4u

    No dual core, no FFC and 1400mAh battery! :(

  • flmnko

    typical Dell. outdated before it even came out.

  • Doesntlikeu

    This compared to the dual core phone you have in your pocket right now? I only know of the LG coming out and I reserve judgement until I see it, LG doesn’t impress me

  • sudhaman

    this is enough for a country like india where the galaxy s itself sell at a huge price of $650. if at all there were dual core mobiles released here it would be close to $1000.

  • Dario

    1000$ for a phone? T.T
    Here in Norway its AT LEAST 130$

  • Dario

    1300$ ****

  • Gautam

    Outdated ? The nexus s has 1 ghz proc , 5 mp camera and is referred to as bleeding edge??? which phone in the current american market has a dual core proc? or anything better than a 1 ghz for that matter.
    @vinz4u, its nfc not ffc , get your facts straight before u moan.

    at least this has froyo on release which is more than i can say for most handsets released here ( galaxy s included )

  • BJ

    Please do some proper research before commenting on your country, did you check how much does UNLOCKED Galaxy S cost in US? Do you know how much it costs in India (27K which is 600 USD) . Please get your facts right before commenting on your country.

  • AnonD


    When I checked out the device soon after it had launched in India, the price was more than 29K that translates close to $650.

    Please save your lecture for another day