Sprint Rep Goes After Other Carriers, Has No Clue What She is Spouting

This should probably be considered the troll of the week. Stephanie Vinge, who is with corporate communication division and clearly been living in a cave these past few weeks tweeted the above message a few minutes ago.

I suppose someone should tell her that until ITU lowered their 4G standards last week, nobody, not even Sprint, had a 4G network. With that settled, T-Mobile has two 4G devices to match Sprint’s: The T-Mobile G2 and the MyTouch 4G.

It may be true that Verizon has yet to launch any 4G devices on their LTE network, so she can have this one. But I expect a follow up tweet on January 7th, restating where every company stands in the 4G forecast.

[via Into Mobile]

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  • Charlie

    Dont forget tmobile already has like 17 devices that can take advantage of speed upgrades

  • LP

    I agree, what a troll.

  • jdog25
  • Micah

    How can she fail such basic math?

  • Tim

    Neither does Sprint in Detroit and other large cities!

  • Bo

    Whoa there, Steph! Take your mouth away from the bong for a minute and walk into any T-Mo or Sprint store.

  • Juan

    she’s a white blonde…. hahahahahah.. almost as bad as asking a mexican (myself) to do math as well… Math and me do not mix so I feel sorry for her putting her mathless skills out there like that…

  • SixStringSam

    Yeah, but isn’t T-mobile’s 4G just souped up HSPA, and not true 4G? Not that that’s a big deal, but technically it isn’t 4G, which is probably Sprint’s position on the whole thing. Also, note that AT&T isn’t mentioned, maybe in the next year or so we’ll finally see the downfall of a corporation as evil as Skynet (which isn’t really a corporation, but you know what I mean.)

  • http://deleted Charlie

    No the ITU has said that HSPA+,LTE and WIMAX are all considered “4g” also FYI sixstringsam is the troll from twitter

  • dork

    tmobile maybe not offically be 4g but i know for a fact that hspa+ blows spring 4g out of the water. this white chick has no idea what she just started.

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Read the above comment “dork”

  • Bo

    @SixStringSam T-Mobile’s HSPA+ now qualifies as 4G according to ITU…


  • Mike

    Sprint has always enjoyed jumping the gun, remember way back when 3G was being talked about and Sprint of course claimed they were already running it?

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    No on has true 4g yet…all just pumped up 3G tech. So in essence they all have 0 phones

  • http://deleted Charlie

    it’s going to be hilarious when sprint goes bankrupt and Metro POS buys it

  • Atoy

    Tmobile’s 4G marketing ploy is just that. They havent done anything to drastically update their network like Sprint and Verizon have. Also, Tmob lacks the spectrum to do so.

    What they have done is take their 3.5G network and tout it as a 4G cause the ITU’s decision. Mind you, before they revised, the ITU’s definition of 4G was nonexistent in the world and would have been for many years.

    I chuckle at every “4G” Tmobile commercial. Joke.

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Steven the ITU has said that LTE HSPA+ and wimax are all 4G

  • SixStringSam

    The white chick knows exactly what she’s started. HSPA+ is in fact, nooooooot 4G, ergo she was not wrong in what she said. Because technically, she’s right. Now, does T-mobile call their network “4G”? Yes, they do, but just because someone says something doesn’t make it entirely true. It’s like if I said, I have a **** of chocolate, and I *** money. ;] and if you don’t know what the words are that should be fit in there, you really should watch more Dane Cook.

  • LaTuFu

    Just additional proof they don’t look at the math…measurements…when making hiring decisions in “corporate communications”

  • NG2

    That’s my girl!

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Oh is stephanie vinge pissed off?Google it HSPA+ is 4g Wimax is 4g and so is LTE but before the ITU none were.Hey blond chick(sixstringsam)GTFO.

  • DrizzyGadget

    What markets does T-Mobile have 4G coverage equal to or better than Sprint’s? Just asking a question to some real-world Tmo customers with a G2 or MyTouch. On paper Tmo ~4G/HSPA network looks good

  • http://deleted Tom
  • Atoy

    @dork – You’re right, HSPA+ is faster than Wimax in it’s current form, but throughput is not the deciding factor for 4G. Initially (before the ITU finalized their decision)4G had some very general guidelines that both Sprint and Verizon were going to meet to qualify as 4th Generation. Don’t remember all the details but IP switching backend was a big part. LTE and Wimax both proved to be the next generation of cellular data networks.

    The entire argument is based on ITU’s final spec which came out much more advanced than what anyone thought…thus opening the door to Tmobile’s marketing department.

  • TattooMan

    Wasn’t it stated in the article that ITU lowered the standard on what is considered 4G??? Anyway, it looks like Steph is the epitome of a true blonde. Therefore, she would be the prime example why people make those kinds of jokes….lol. I doubt a remedial class in simple math would help in her case. Sorry Stephanie, I only call ’em as I see ’em. Good luck keeping your job. If you do lose your position at Sprint, please don’t put in any resumes seeking a teaching position in mathematics.

  • acordes157

    Makes me a little embarrassed to be with Sprint…

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Somebody send this to sprint.

  • Chimphappyhour

    I wonder how long until Steph is looking for a new job? If she had put that out there as just some regular twit, she might be fine but her account quite clearly states who she works for… and I’m betting that post wasn’t cleared by her employer.

  • john the lesser

    i think the bickering over 4G just proves how stupid everyone is. #G is not a technical term, it’s a marketing term. there is no such thing as “true 4G”. if there were, it wouldn’t change. #G is an arbitrary name for each “generation” of phone service.

  • http://deleted Charlie

    On twitter she is saying that thats the ITU’s “opinion”

  • IncrediBill

    No one should watch more Dane Cook, especially for the purpose of understanding a refernce to chocolate genitals. He is a complete douche.

  • Skittles

    Itu considers and names hspa+, lte wimax as 4g… So who r we to argue.. Their the authority…

  • Androidbiiatch

    Ummm, as stated by a couple of smart people above me, she is technically right. There is no real 4G network yet according to the old standards measured in network/data speed. Now, when LTE is launched, then we will see the true speeds that everyone has been waiting on. Now, for all you ass hats that think that the “white chick” is dumb for her staement, maybe you should do some more digging before judging someone for being somewhat right. That white chick is probably smarter than most of you combined!

  • dougau

    Stephanie makes my pee pee hard………

  • Jimmy

    She’s not wrong because she’s a girl. She’s wrong because she’s a Blackberry user.

  • Robert manser

    I set her straight on twitter

  • http://www.phandroid.com Tyler Miller

    ^Proof requested. For the lulz.

  • Steve

    @Tim There are many cities with Sprint 4G (Clearwire) like Houston where it is great and I doubt Detroit is on the top of their “to do list” considering no one wants to live there.

  • Jeff

    @Drizzy I have the MyTouch 4G on Tmo’s HSPA+ in Houston and it blows away Sprints so called 4G. A couple of friends of mine are mad cause they jumped ship to Sprint when the Evo came out… The Evo is a very nice phone indeed but it doesn’t touch the speeds that the MyTouch 4G does. I hit anywhere between 6-12Mbps depending on where i’m at and the most they have hit is 4Mbps on their Evo.

    @svinge Please don’t give yourself a headache trying to do anymore math.

  • TattooMan

    @ Androidbiiotch…. seriously??? Have you been living under a rock??? Even the LTE network isn’t considered “real” 4G. I really hope you aren’t blonde. Otherwise, you would have just proven my point in my previous post….lol.

  • Robert manser

    Whoever said they dont have 4g your right 4g is 100 mbps sprint is running 6 to 10 verizon is 8 to 12 tmobile and at&t is like 4 to 8 mbps so none of them are even close its considered 4th generation network. There problem solved no more complaining to other and trying to prove them wrong.

  • Bela

    Yes and no. There actually is a standard that has been set as far as data speeds are concerned for what is “true 4G” and nothing currently comes close to it. Apparently this standard has been lowered (I have not yet looked into this), so we may have what we call 4G phones today actually fit that criteria.

  • Svinge

    Sprint is the only true 4g network.check your facts.

  • DrizzyGadget

    Acording to the ITU, 4G speeds would be considered 100Mbps dl, and last time I checked not even LAN connections were getting that. Not surprising they lowered the standard for what is considered ‘4G’

    Thanks for the info

  • dork

    WELL JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW, IM RUNNING 5g, beat that, all you 4g, wimax, lte, hspa+ losers!

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    Robert…what Sprint customer is getting those speeds…that is pure advertisement…DON’T DRINK THE COOL AID!

  • dork

    i think phandroid looks for stuff so we can all troll on each other. hahahaha good job phandroid, llllooooovvvveeee you.

  • teleknEsis

    Why do all you idiots keep trying to say T-Mobile’s HSPA+ isn’t a “true” 4G? All that should matter in this discussion is SPEED. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ matches and actually OUTPERFORMS Sprint’s “4G” in all speed tests I have run.

    So really, while T-Mobile may only have 2 phones that can take full advantage of HSPA+ upgrade, I’d argue that ALL HSPA-compatible devices on T-Mobile are 4G devices. My Nexus One on 3G trumps my friend’s Epic 4G on WiMax.

    Run and tell dat, homeboy

  • dork

    @teleknEsis do yo thing! tmo > sprint

  • teleknEsis

    My whole point is that if Sprint can get away with saying their network is true 4G then T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is 4G as well. I’d actually claim it’s 4.5G since it outperforms WiMax in all speed tests, even with older HSPA devices.

  • Fred

    Who cares????

  • DroidDev

    Look people…you really need to do some fact checking before you post dumb things. With the recent changes governing the definition of 4G, T-Mobile does have a 4G network. Prior to the changes, Sprints WiMax implementation was not considered 4G, even though they marketed it as such. Realistically, Sprint never even had a 3G network, which requires simultaneous voice and data. At the end of the day, does it really matter what it is called? You can call it 0G for all I care. Independent speed tests tell the real story, and currently T-Mobile crushes everyone in network speed. You can hate on T-Mo all you want, but there is no denying that they have the fastest network, regardless of what you want to call it. And, HSPA+ does not require you to purchase a new device to get the speed benefits. The same cannot be said for Verizon or Sprint. I know emotions and carrier ties run deep for some of you (not sure why), but if you sit back, read once in a while, and take a realistic look at the US carriers, T-Mo is currently the fastest, end of story.

  • dork

    dont you just hate when people try to be smarter than you on here.

  • dork

    100% agree with droiddev

  • Steve

    Wimax 2 is right around the corner for sprint reaching speeds of 100mbps like that of LTE leaving T-Mobile in the antiquated Phone/Wireless circle once again…
    You can’t knock Sprint for its track record of bringing these technologies to the public first.

  • Jeff

    And to add to what DroidDev just said, come early 2011 TMobile will be twice as fast with HSPA+42 which will most likely put TMobile in front for awhile to come.

  • teleknEsis

    @DroidDev finally another sensible commenter! As I said previously, I’d go as far as to say that ALL existing HSPA devices on T-Mobile are 4G devices.

    @Fred obviously you do if you took the time to not only read the article but post a comment.

  • No iPhoney

    merry Christmas Svinge, No soup for you!

  • Jeff

    @Steve Sprint can call it what they want, but just like Sprints so called 4G now until those speeds are seen they will be lacking.

  • SixStringSam

    Something we should recognize, is the fact that her post wasn’t about “Who is the fastest”, we started that train of thought. The argument was actually, whether or not T-Mobile has a 4G network, and according to the guys who define that sort of thing, they are. Now whether or not they lowered the standard, or as to whether or not ANY of the carriers provide true 4G, is besides the point. When it comes down to it, speed becomes a moot point. A good analogy of this would be to compare muscle cars. Sure, certain muscle cars can go faster than others in certain areas, or given the right situation. But at the end of the day, you’re all still going faster than the man driving a Pinto.

  • DroidDev

    @Steve ….WiMax 2 may be right around the corner, but so is LTHE, which can reach theoretical speeds of 672 Mbps by 2013. We can sit back and say this or that is going to happen down the road, but some or most of it may never come true. Today, in the world we live, T-Mo has the speed market locked down. Argue all you want, but this has been proven time and time again by independent testers. That does not mean that T-Mo will be the speed leader tomorrow, but as for today, they are the fastest. Love or hate the company, you cannot argue fact.

  • teleknEsis

    @Steve care to post your source for “right around the corner?” As far as I can tell Sprint is still quite a ways away from adopting and rolling out this tech.

  • SixStringSam

    AT&T of course, being that pinto.

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Once again sixstringsam is Svinge she’s just trying to cover herself because she fails

  • Steve

    @Droiddev HSPA+ Does not compare to LTE’s 100Mbps so saying T-Mobile has the fastest network is just stupid. HSPA+ Does require you buying a new phone considering T-Mobile only has two phones that support HSPA+, again stupid..
    You go have some fan-boy fun with your foreign owned network.

  • DroidDev

    Re: WiMax 2……Clearwire…the largest company that offers WiMax, is HOPING to roll it out in 2012. Yeah….right around the corner.

  • Steve

    @Droiddev Theoretical speeds of 672 Mbps are about as worthless as a million theoretical dollars.

  • http://deleted Charlie

    Wimax 2 is also theoretical

  • Steve

    @Charlie touché

  • SixStringSam

    First of all, I’m a guy living out in San Angelo, Texas. Which is in the middle of nowhere. I’m not arguing for her, and I’m not trying to “cover” her ass, I’m simply stating what the original post was about, and how we’ve bled this discussion into some warped “dick-measuring” contest about which of our carriers is better. And if you’re going to insult me, by assuming I’m some Slavic, Blonde-hair’d bimbo… Then perhaps you should learn how to use “,” and “.” both of which can be found beneath “”.

  • SixStringSam

    Well little did I know, the carats can’t be used in a post. But I’m sure that perceptive mind of yours can find them. ;]

  • DroidDev

    @Steve ….you are correct, but what do you think you are quoting when you say WiMax 2? Until it is implemented, its all theoretical. And personally…I will take a theoretical 672 over theoretical 100. But again, theory means nothing. The only thing that matters is what is available today, and T-Mo is speed king…..for now.

  • teleknEsis

    @SixStringSam I really don’t understand your argument. 4G is a reference to speed, not the underlying technology behind it. How, in your right mind, can you defend Sprint’s use of 4G and still claim they are the only true 4G when their “4G” speeds are slower than T-Mobile’s? This isn’t a ‘dick-measuring’ contest of any sort. It’s called stating the facts. And plain and simple, if Sprint is 4G then so is T-Mobile. End of discussion.

  • SixStringSam

    @telekenEsis as I stated, three posts ago. “The argument was actually, whether or not T-Mobile has a 4G network, and according to the guys who define that sort of thing, they are.” as I was misinformed. Now, perhaps I should’ve stated in words “I was misinformed” and as to this being a pissing contest. I urge you to read exactly what has been said over the 60+ comments left, and tell me that this hasn’t devolved into exactly that, a pissing contest.

    @Bo thanks for informing me.

  • Steve

    I say no to Communist Owned T-Mobile.

  • SixStringSam

    Yes, better dead, than red.

  • Steve


  • SixStringSam

    I’m SixStringSam, and I approve of your message(s).

  • teleknEsis

    @SixStringSam yes I mis-read your comment and thought you said “aren’t”. But still, you go on to say “Now whether or not they lowered the standard, or as to whether or not ANY of the carriers provide true 4G, is besides the point. When it comes down to it, speed becomes a moot point”. Huh? How is speed a moot point? Speed is what defines 4G. Seems to be the most important point in this discussion if you ask me.

  • teleknEsis

    Ha, Communist Owned T-Mobile. Last time I checked I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs “owned” AT&T, not T-Mobile

  • Beanz0nToast

    I want to argue some of the idiotic comments on here because people keep saying things technically aren’t when they technically are. I’m going to calmly just say YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH STUPID and not read anymore comments!

  • McSpazzMcAndroid

    Comments like that can get you in trouble. Either their gonna can her for talking crazy or she’ll never chirp on twitter again…And why is she tweeting from a blackberry??? # of #4g blackberry’s right now O.

  • dork

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha tmo>sprinthahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Steve

    @teleknEsis lmao!

    But seriously:
    Deutsche Telekom AG
    Bonn, Germany

  • SixStringSam

    @teleknEsis speed is moot, in the sense that when you have to carriers of like speed, where a second is the difference, what’s the point in comparing them? When you’re still going faster than the man in the wooden barrel, rolling down a hill. I’ve been to cities where HSPA+ and Sprint’s WiMax are both in use, and functionality is exactly the same. A second faster here, a second faster there. So what if one is technically fast than the other, when in real world usage, they both run about the same, and in some cases the underdog works better. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the word “moot”. Which is quite possible.

  • ohboy

    I think what she meant to say is 4g *arithmetic*

  • teleknEsis

    @SixStringSam if you’re talking about loading web pages, sure, a split second difference really doesn’t matter so who cares. But if you’re downloading a 100 MB file to your phone you better believe you’re going to notice a difference downloading at 2-4 Mbps vs 5-10 Mbps. I download large files all the time to my phone and when I’m in a hurry this makes a major difference. Sorry but in a discussion about what constitutes 4G your saying speed is moot is downright laughable.

  • su2lly

    I taped a G.I. Joe walkie talkie to my Droid and I call it 5G so Merrrrrry Christmas beotches!

  • SixStringSam

    @teleknEsis fair enough.

  • ohboy

    Also, seriously? We can find something better to argue about that what some stupid sprint PR rep said on her twitter acct. I’m with sprint and love it, but even I think that she’s just a moron. That’s what PR people do: draw attention, and then try to manage it in a way that makes them look good.

    Don’t fall for her trick!

  • SixStringSam

    Ah interbutts anonymity, so easy to abuse. So hard to prove, you’re not a woman.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Wow! So when did Germany become communist again? I bet the communists wish they had the power that people have been attributing to them.

  • aantoine87

    i really find it hard to believe that some people can be so stupid and naive, even if you disagree (with the facts) with t mobile being true 4G, even though it is the fastest out right now what difference does it make

  • aantoine87

    T-mobiles 4G data speeds are faster than Sprint’s 4G, only prob is tmobile 4G is backwards compatible which means all 15 or so 3g devices are putting a way greater strain on t-mobiles than those 2 phones are putting on sprint’s and t mobile is still faster…….FAIL for sprint

  • diamantr

    She is no troll stop hating if you put a supercharged engine in a lemon does that make it a sports car no. So t mobile can keep their 16 devices and its not 4g

  • JTHC75

    @svinge Weak. Either you go by the ITU’s initial definition, in which case Sprint’s Wimax is not 4G, or you go by their revised, fudgy definition, in which case Sprint IS 4G, but then again so is T-Mobile’s HSPA+. Either way, you’re in the same boat and trying to differentiate yourself on this point is not going to work.

  • Chris P

    Until Silicon Valley actually gets 4G, it all really means crap to me..

  • http://www.mydroidworld.com ksizzle9

    To clear all this up in a simple manner. Verizons LTE will own ALL OTHER NETWORKS. just as it does now. So sorry even if u are on sprint and t mobile you are soon to be pwned by big red again. Why even try? Big red is about to open a can of whoop ass and I can’t wait!!

  • ostinado

    @SixStringSam. Actually, even before the ITU lowered the definition of what 4G is, Wimax was still NOT considered 4G, therefore Steph’s point is moot, and so is yours.

  • Steelie

    lawlz… funny-assed thread.

    @svinge: keep smokin them rocks, sweetie

    @DroidDev: thanks for atleast tryin to keep the uneducated masses up to date

  • Your Mom

    @ ksizzle9….Yessss! Finally Someone said it. Couldnt have been put better.

  • WhoaManWtF

    Plus my freaking evo still doesn’t have 4g so until they extend there 4g network they need to stfu and get to work. I’m going to tmobile if 4g is not here by end of my contact. charging me for 4g according to my original paperwork then claiming it’s not a 4g charge but a extra data charge for android! Screw you sprint

  • NCX

    Sprint is the only 4G WiMAX network that have handsets yes, but Me thinks this Tweet is pointless because the competition hasn’t fully implemented there technologies yet. Haste can bring waste in bringing new tech to market, in the end its the best implemented tech vs price vs features vs handsets that wins.
    for example, AT&T has the iPhone, everyone wants one, but yet the network sucks. You can have a great phone but a sucky network, or a sucky phone and a great network or have both and beat your competition regardless of who was first to 4G.

    anywho, about the tweet,
    believe it or not, things like this can give a company a bad name and thus get the poster fired for it. companies have policies about posting stuff under there name or with there name involved on blogs, facebook and twitter. I look for either an appology to come out of this or a firing, either way, we win :P

  • tim242

    I don’t get why people argue and constantly bring up the I T Fuckin U. They are not the authority on what is what. I don’t see people protesting Sprint and Verizon calling their network 3G, since according to the I T fucking U, they don’t meet the qualifications…no simultaneous voice/data. Speed jump from 2G to 3G was not a huge jump, yet to be 4G, it has to be faster than any wired connection now. Give me a break! Call it all 4G…fast is fast. The advantage of wimax and Lte is that they are new, next gen networks. Hspa+ is the old gen network. Hspa will only go so far. Lte and wimax will go much further. Stop being bitches and arguing over speed. Fast is fast, so I kindly ask you to STFU and get a life!

  • swazedahustla

    Call it whatever you like, i enjoy my 13 mbps in baltimore…..with my EVO of course. Who gives a shyt!!!

  • drizzo

    Boohoo we don’t have “4G” here in Canada, only Bell’s shitty HSPA+ network. I can’t believe i’m only getting 8.77mbps down, 2.77 up on my HTC Desire Z (aka the G2). Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    You’re all a bunch of goofs if you complain about anything above 3mpbs

  • drizzo
  • Delkomatic

    At least she is pretty….she has that going for her. Who needs to be able to count when you are pretty…someone clearly….well you know….to the top….

    and @drizzo
    Blame Canada?

  • linyee

    @teleknEsis, I didn’t know T-Mobile is owned by North Koreans.

  • Adonis

    Some networks/carriers have better speeds in different cities. Houston,tmobile is better. They suck in baltimore. Sprint 4g is king in bmore/dc. At&t sucks everywhere.No matter your “4g “at least we all have awesome Android phones to tap those networks.

  • Andrew

    Damn straight man. People need to get over this carrier war shit it’s just as bad as the windows vs mac vs linux or ps3 vs xbox 360 vs wii. NOBODY cares how much you like your carrier and your opinion will not convince anyone to switch.

  • Hyouroh

    @Andrew and @Drizzo AMEN BROTHERS!!!!!! @tim242 while I agree with what you say you and many others are wrong, Wimax and LTE dont have advantages over HSPA+ (quite the opposite). LTE and Wimax are also revamps of old tech. Just because there was more of a name change doesn’t mean they are all that different. It’s like wireless networking we had B then there was an A and a G. A was the farthest from B in advancement but G won the battle because of backwards compatibility (both were matched in speed). This is just an FYI.

  • Dennis

    And Vodaphone owns 40 percent of Verizon.. so what.

  • Robert Manser

    I was in on the bitching earlier now I’m just laughing at everyone,everyone is an expert,everyone builds builds these networks and towers so hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. So what if I said I was the head of a big carrier. Everyone chill out take your midol.

  • Jesse

    I’m happy that whatever network I have, does or plans on having 4G capable data. I don’t care who is faster or who has the better ads. I’m just glad that my network of choice hasn’t decided to be left in the dust. Even if it has, or hasn’t, taken them a while to get to it.

  • Just me

    No matter what all this crap is, out of all the carriers I have been with, Verizon gives me the speed that works and is always there. It’s more than just speed….it’s reliability..it’s; is it there when I need it? C’mon peeps, ITU is retarded in its’ original requirements…What ACTUAL speeds are we getting on these diff 4G carriers? How reliable is it? Where is it available? These questions seem more important than all the BS I have been reading. Get over the fan-boy crap. Who is there when you need them and gives you the speed you need? That’s the carrier that rocks. Let’s take a vote on that, then we have something to talk about.

  • Androidess

    @SixStringSam, AKA Svinge-you’re a moron, don’t ever post/chirp again. I’m a chic & sooo want to bYatch slap you!! Nice attempt to cover & say that you’re a guy from TX-that’s about as manly as it gets, girlie. But you doth protest too much, lol! Better red than dead?? Sprint’s going on It’s 2nd year of government bailout, Lol! Over the 3G/4G debacle-what it truly means is speed. It would be nice if the G thing was removed from history & we could speak solely on mbps-that’s the real deal! Much love to DroidDev, TIM242 & others I missed.

  • antiIOS

    Stephanie Vinge-Walsh, Sprint Senior Public Relations Manager from Jan 2000-present (wow, bimbo was there during the Nextel merger/failure.) Prior to that she was in marketing at Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (?!?)-even back then, Sprint didn’t reach far for talent, Lmao!! Funny, how she thought soo highly of “Vinge” in her name that she hyphenated it! Course, who’d remember just Stephanie Walsh? She’s known now…known to be an idiot!!!

  • triplexxx


  • IOWA

    HSPA+ Still isn’t 4G.

  • keldrin oliver

    Well I hope they trying to work on there service cuz it really sucks…

  • keldrin oliver

    Man ok I don’t care what kinda G sprint has in Ga I rather have my droid x with 3G and have perfect service n e where sprint and t moblie working on trying to get all this other stuff when they need to be focus on how to get better service cuz they both suck…….

  • teleknEsis

    Hideja myTouch 4G, hideja G2 and hide allyaothertmobile3gdevices cuz Sprint is raping errbudy out here

  • Sean

    Dane Cook sucks ass!

  • Dan

    if anybody thinks this is bad, when i called to get a return kit for my Samsung Epic 4G the rep asked why so i told her because of them being lazy about updating it to froyo and she told me Android 2.2 update could be downloaded through the market

  • Jerry

    @Steve post #42 You fucking idiot, Detroit is the auto capitol of the world and one of the most industrialised cities on the planet you fucktard. Forget about that fact that with the suburbs Detroit is about the size of Houston with it’s suburbs you stupid cocksucker.

  • DroidInc

    Who gives a eff what the ITU said. They seems to make up shit as it goes. The wireless industry all seems to agree that Lte and Wimax are considered 4g, Trash-Mobile gets DESPERATE and decide to call their 3g network 4g.


  • mc090402083

    For more information please visit…..

  • Alex

    these comments really wasted my time….why the hell did I read them? I feel really stupid now

  • antiIOS

    @SixStringSam, AKA Svinge-you’re a moron, don’t ever post/chirp again. I’m a chic & sooo want to bYatch slap you!! Nice attempt to cover & say that you’re a guy from TX-that’s about as manly as it gets, girlie. But you doth protest too much, lol! Better red than dead?? Sprint’s going on It’s 2nd year of government bailout, Lol! Over the 3G/4G debacle-what it truly means is speed. It would be nice if the G thing was removed from history & we could speak solely on mbps-that’s the real deal! Much love to DroidDev, TIM242 & others I missed.

    Loving teckel, dre, dork & so on! Where did Bela come from? Thanks, for your 2 cents hun, but we can all shop plans for ourselves. Now, don’t you have some 5 hour Pandora streaming to do? Rush off back to school & learn something worth posting, sweetie! :)

  • tim242

    Detroit is a wasteland. The city is the fastest shrinking in the U.S.

  • DroidInc

    Trash-Mobile HSPA+ is not 4G!! Only LTE and Wimax is 4th generation equipment.

  • Elmer Wabbit

    Stick with your strap-on skills, because you know Jack about telephony. Sprint- 3.5G

  • Elmer Wabbit

    Detroit = Khartoum. Nothing but ragheads & spearchuckers at war with each other.

  • Manny

    If I Super Charged my 4 banger Honda, can I call it a v8?
    HSPA+ is a 3G network/technology and always will be!
    Trash-Mobile = Failed

  • CJ

    This thread should’ve been closed after the 4th comment!

  • Nathan

    This is the funniest argument in all of the cell phone enthusiest blogosphere.

    I dont care what you call it but fact is I was getting 5mbps + on tmobile’s “non 4g” network using an ORIGINAL mytouch “non 4g phone”. After recieving a g2 that tmobile gave away absolutly free to existing customers eligable to upgrade a few days ago, i get 9+mbps regularly and have seen as high as 12. All with no extra “4g” charge. I get great coverage everywhere i frequently go except inside my heavy walled block home, where i now get exceptional coverage with the g2s wifi calling. Its no mystery why i’m very happy with my choice in celular carriers.

    In my experience anything over 5mbps is exceptionally adequate for surfing and most downloading, Webpages load instantly, streaming works perfectly. Now almost all the big carriers are poised to be able to offer these speeds or already do. Its a good time in the smartphone world.

  • Dumb Bitch

    what a dumb blonde.

  • yellowfrizbee

    From an electrical engineer’s stand point, HSPA+ is NOT 4G and will never be 4G. Its not an insult, its just a fact. That being said, the speeds are still just as good as potential 4G technologies right now (LTE and Wimax) so its pretty irrelevant. Still incorrect to call it a 4G technology.

  • Hyouroh

    You people all make me laugh. You all bag on different carriers while missing the obvious errors with the ones you are saying are better. All networks are going to screw you (one way or another … its business). Also, all you that say things like “from an electrical engineers stand point” then bag on one of the technologies incorrectly…. just stop please stop my sides hurt from laughing. Last of all 4G doesn’t mean 4 generation. Many of the techs range in what exact generation of the technology they are in. Soon enough we will just be looking at what kind of speed connection we are getting. Here in Utah all carries will be the same cause they will all be bogged down by a lack of network infrastructure to feed the towers.

  • ro9b222

    Maybe you should have some clue what you’re talking about before you open that trap of yours. When informed people speak of Detroit, they are referring to the metropolitan area (Detroit PLUS surrounding counties & suburbs (I.e. whites), which includes one of the wealthiest counties in the country, and not just the actual city of Detroit itself, which is indeed a wasteland. In other words, “Detroit” is much larger and wealthier than uneducated people think. I’m being rude because I can’t stand it when clueless people spew nonsense as if they knew what they were talking about.

  • GeraldC

    HSPA+ is the fastest-kills my Evo. Doesn’t insult my manhood, tho. Don’t care if they call it 20G. Still fastest mbps-going to 41 mbps in 2011. That’s untouchable!!

  • Manny

    DroidInc-wow, buddy…bend over and crack a smile for VZW. They were never the fastest, dipshit. Can you hear me now.

  • jcald27

    What an embarassment…. I find it more of a problem that she believe that stating numbers is math. Last I checked it’s the computations of these numbers that is called “math”. Good one Sprint, goood one.

  • DroidInc

    I take it back-HSPA+ is evidently, faster than all Carriers. My bad.

  • MyEvo4G

    T-Mo faster than Sprint 4G? What a joke those statements are. YOUR NOT EVEN CLOSE. I’m sorry but you need to put down the bong, Really… I purchased a myTouch 4G on Dec 15th. Took it home and tried to get fast speeds, to no avail, all I could get was Edge. I live in the heart of Silicon Valley so there are plenty of towers. Now I was hyped about the phone at fist but the more I tried to use it the worse it got.

    I hardly ever got 3G speed let alone HSPA+. I went to see a movie with the family and was using my new phone before the movie started and could not get a signal. Just like lame AT&T and the iPhone 4 I had before I got rid of it and left AT&T.

    The next day I went back to the T-Mo store because they dropped the price of the myTouch 4G by $100.00 and would not honor their own price match. What a load of crap that was.

    I made my way to radio shack and purchased a new Evo 4G at a fantastic sale price, ported my number and went back to the T-Mo store and told them they can shove it. Got my money back and I am enjoying a far, far superior phone and service.

    Those of you that say they have tested the myTouch or other T-Mo phone against the Evo, is plain BS and I am calling on you on it. See, I did test myself, err… that is when the T-Mo phone got HSPA+ OH WAIT! it never did! And this is the SF Bay AREA Silicon Valley all things tech.

    My Evo gets 4G in the same theater at a different movie a few days later and at home I never ever have to get on my wifi because I DON’T need to, Why because I actually get service in the same areas with Sprint that AT&T and T-Mo COULD NOT! This being in one of the most heavily used cell places in the US next to NY City. Sprint is true 4G or Wimax speed is far far better than T-Mo at least in the Bay Area Silicon Valley. So take that for what it’s worth but I now know the truth T-Mo is crap and Sprint and the Evo rock!

  • Hyouroh

    @myevo4g go ahead and bring that evo 4g to Utah. You will have a much opposite affect to the one you have had. Glad you are doing well there with the evo. But here Sprint is crap. Much of your experience had nothing to do with the phone and everything to do with the carries AND the area you live. No carry has incredible coverage for EVERY metro area. Even if you think it is the capital of “all things tech” many cities have tried to claim that.

  • Manny

    Sounds like you just needed to exchange your phone in the store. You gotta bad one, dummie.

  • MyEvo4g

    I will admit HSPA+ was faster.

  • conrad

    It seems like someone at Phanroid doesn’t like Sprint. Does this tweet really warrant it own post???
    c’mon Phandroid.

  • moses

    @myevo. You are an idiot. Move from no where and see which phone is faster.

  • http://www.kingwhocares.com King whoCares

    LISTEN TO IDIOTS…WHO CARES WHAT CARRIER IS FASTER…If you are happy with who you are with…GREAT, if you are NOT move carriers…bunch of little children…

    I got one for all of you