HTC’s 4G LTE Phone


Yesterday I may have jumped the gun a little. I told you all that Motorola will get first crack at launching an LTE device on Verizon’s network. We could play with words and say that “device” doesn’t necessarily mean “handset” and Motorola could still take first place with their inevitable tablet, but let’s just remove “first” from the talk and focus on the goods.

Gizmodo got the best shot so far of the pictures showing off a mystery device. A shot of the powered up display showing off what everyone has been waiting for, have a look:

I spy, with my little eye, something that starts with ‘four’. The semi-irony of this image? Taken with a G2.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. April 16th?

    And why does there need to be a clock under a clock?!

  2. haha love the last 2 sentances. ive been surfing on 4g since october

  3. Come on baby, 1st quarter 2011!!!!!

  4. JA82,
    Yo dawg, I heard you like clocks. So I put a clock under your clock, so you can clock while you clock.

  5. That has got to be a really nice High-Res screen to be able to print the LTE that small, and clear.

  6. Sixth!

  7. Just announce the damn phone already verizon. Why must you wait when other carriers already have multiple 4g phones

  8. Biblical reference, people. What’s the most famous chapter 4, verse 16 passage? Come on…

  9. That clock under that clock is also a weather widget.

  10. Didn’t Peter Chou say a week ago that they wouldn’t have an LTE handset until the second half of 2011? Is he just teasing us or what?!?!

  11. Weather _AND_ date :-)

  12. Maybe the processor is,,,,, Underclocked!! (rimshot)

  13. Tyler made my day :D Anyways because it’s a nice clock, and it’s easier to see and what not.

    Anyways that screen looks really nice in the picture. Shame being too poor for verizon sometimes.

  14. Just throwing this out there but, t-mobiles average hspa+ speeds from 5 different tests in 5 different cities is slower than my average on verizons 3g.

    you people are tossing the term ‘4g’ around pretty liberally

  15. Looks HD!

  16. @iamsteventucker Everyone throws 4G around too much…at least those of us that know better. Let the masses who don’t understand what they are talking about use 4G…it’s just a marketing term. We know what LTE, HSPA+, and WiMAX are, so use those terms! And agreed, the current “next gen” speeds aren’t enough better to be spitting in anyone’s face. Just my opinion, people will do what they want :)

  17. I was going to hold out for this but just picked up a G2 for FREE and this sucker is fast. They weren’t kidding. Wifi calling works great,wifi hotspot works great, the updates downloaded and everything fixed. Battery life looking good thus far. So if you’re looking for a 4g’ish device, they are fast, and this HTC looks terrific. If I were on Vz, and I don’t want to be, I’d jump on this or an LTE Merge.

  18. This phone looks awesome hope they release some more info maybe when it will be available at CES

  19. Its also nice to see the My Verizon icon up there too. This looks to be a very compelling device. We will see what Verizon has to offer in the upcoming LTE devices. For all of you not on Verizon say what you want about the carrier, but remember that Verizon is a big reason behind the success of Android. The OG Droid was a major milestone for android. Verizon has been pushing our devices hard. I will be the first the disagree with things like Bing search and what not, but results are results. Verizon is the main one that is really getting behind android and smartphones as a group. I think XES 2011 is going to be a big year for Verizon. My hope is that there will be a stock android device for us that rivals this upcoming HTC device.

  20. Yes I have the HTC EVO 4G and it’s amazing. Top notch out there! Very fast, the entire nine yards! Phenomenal!

  21. I wonder what is under the hood. I know 4G is cool and all but in normal use the phone is not being pushed by 4G. That’s just for data speeds and downloads. Will this be 2nd gen Snapdragon or a Tegra 2? If not it’s going to be like any other Sense phone. Another Evo? Maybe with the new sense and 2nd gen processor. Don’t get me wrong though, this will be nice to have but, their all starting to seem a like. I think HTC should start making unique designed phones with stock on them a long with other phones with sense. For variety. Cause just sense the only difference is the hardware build. So unless it has a dual core then that performance is a big difference when it comes to smoothness and quality. That’s a big impact on how a user may feel when using their phone without those small hiccups aka force closing. Speed is awesome but combined with quality running OS is better. That’s what 2.3 did, it threaded the quality together. Then we get the overhaul. Can’t have flashy with no fundamentals and discipline.

  22. @JA82 So if you have an application open like email you can still see the time without having to minimize the application.

  23. Ive been waiting for a good htc device for verizon. love the nexus one but i need verizons service and speed.

    only thing i don’t really care for in that picture is the clock widget which probably indicates this will have htc sense on it :(. jut give us plain valnilla android on that phone please:) and NO BING

  24. @josh
    I doubt it will have bing and most HTC devices have sense on them. Not to mention the fact that Verizon loves to load their bloatware on the devices is another reason we prob wont see a stock android device. Maybe this will change I hope so

  25. @iamsteventucker I just seen a test where T-mo had the fastest download speeds in 100 test markets. Just saying tests are test and I doubt their hspa+ avg was slower then Verizons 3G speeds I have been getting very good speeds from my mytouch 4G

  26. HTC Merge? ;)

  27. This device looks like a HTC Desire HD with a front cam and LTE…

  28. I use a Sprint 4G aircard in NYC, average latency is about 220ms with 3Mb up and 2Mb down if I am stationary. Using the device while in a moving vehicle is impossible because it drops all the time so I end up switching to 3G which on average gives me 75ms pings and 1.6 down and 800k up without any drops… Go figure.

  29. @Chris
    I know i know. your proabably right…but im just dreaming :)

  30. @Beefus maximus

    Not sure I know any popular biblical references from a chapter four verse 16.

  31. I wish google chose “L” for LTE instead of that crappy 4G icon.
    We will have tons of users complaining “why doesn’t my Verizon phone work on Sprint? they are both 4G!!!”

  32. Nice now when it comes to devices that can easily get 5mbps or more it is:
    T-mobile – 17 devices
    Sprint – 2 devices
    Verizon – 1 device
    competition FTW

  33. @zorxd: The Icon shogs as 4G LTE, I think even a smartphone novice will make the connection that 4G Lte is not the same as 4G Wimax

  34. @zorxd: The Icon shows as 4G LTE, I think even a smartphone novice will make the connection that 4G Lte is not the same as 4G Wimax

  35. For what it’s worth (which isn’t much) I picked up on the “device” rather than “phone” as well. I was just watching the local 12 o’clock news, and they had a very brief story about Motorola making VZW’s first LTE smartphone. They had a picture (almost certainly just a dummy phone) of a phone with “4G” on the front in what I am calling the “LTE font” (I don’t know what it is called- the same font they use in the 4G LTE ads). Again, this was just a story I watched on the news, not some inside info from moto or vzw. Just thought I would mention it. If they don’t have an unlimited plan that isn’t ridiculous, I’ll just stick with 3G. I don’t care if they are using UDWDM signals, quantum processors, and TMJ-RAM, I’m not paying hundreds of dollars a month to get super fast internet on a phone.
    I think it is also worth noting that just because (if) VZW’s first 4G smartphone is a Moto, don’t think for half a heartbeat that HTC LTE phones aren’t currently under development. These things don’t go from idea to drawing board to market in a week. Only speculating, but perhaps Moto and VZW have an agreement of some sort? It wouldnt be unthinkable, whether you are an HTC fanboy or not, it is undeniable that Motorola’s Droids (especially the Droid OG)have done very well for VZW, and the entire android community in general. Before anyone posts all of HTCs good points, etc. Name one phone that did more to bring Android to the mainstream and put Android very firmly on the map than the Droid OG (multi-million dollar ad campaigns helped, of course, but aside from the Nexus, it is also as close to vanilla android as you get, it also made vzw a fortune) A Droid 4G modeled after the D1/D2 (slide out keyboard) and 4″ screen would be my ideal phone. Also, leave the damn bootloader alone!

  36. I work in a suburb about 30 minutes from Seattle with an Evo on Sprint and outdoors I’m pulling 7.5Mbps down and 800k up using http://speakers.net/speedtest on the Seattle server. Inside at a window the speed drops to about 4.5 down. Center of a concrete warehouse, I’m not pulling more than a poor signal but still pulling 2 down.

    Verizon 3G on a Droid X in the same locations is about the same inside and out at 1.5 down and 500kbps up.

    Speedtest apps in the market vary too much to get any accuracy. I would love to see T-Mo in the same area.

  37. The biblical reference referred to wasnt “the people living in darkness have seen a great light”, was it?(Matthew 4:16) If so, that’s a bit of a stretch, considering there were two partial pictures of a phone.

  38. that looks like a great phone i just hope it has an option to choose stock vanilla phone like on my eris

  39. I just did a speed test south of Seattle in a TMO non HSPA+ area. 5596 down / 1779 up

  40. POEPLE JUST WAIT fOR CES. THEN EVERYTHING WE WANT TO KNOW WILL BE TOLD TO US. I know verizon is behind on the 8 ball, but I would rather them get there service perfected before we rush cellphones and people start bitchen that they do not work right. So Just wait till CES in Jan

  41. Same deal for you HTC as Moto. No keyboard = no sale.

  42. Who cares about keyboards? I hardly use mine on my Epic.

  43. um, keyboards are great

  44. Haha keyboards…people are still stuck in the past.

  45. HTC is the shizzle.

  46. Because they refuse to put 5 rows and 4 rows looks stupid sliding down from under a 4 inch screen.

  47. what happened to all those 2ghz phones we were supposed to see by christmas?

  48. Wow it looks like an EVO? Cmon wuit kidding yourselves Verizon likes to be late on everything and loc everything down. The 4g probably won’t work because Verizon will lock it for a few months. I just left Verizon because of their stupid antics for locking everything. Sprint for 69 bucks a month and no nickel and dime crap for VZ navigator, blah blah blah.

  49. ~john
    Who the hell would use vzw navigator when google is free and works better? You are an idiot verizon locks down moto samsung and htc are still unlocked maybe do some research before you come on here saying shit and no I’m not a fanboy for vzw I was about to switch but decided sprint and the rest weren’t any cheaper for me and had worse service

  50. Where is the front facing camera I thought this was going to be with?

  51. Next to the speaker grill

  52. I think it’s interesting how Vzw’s 4Glte icon is similar to a 3G icon (up and down arrows)…a 4G technology that’s supposed to be advanced MOBILE internet. And Sprint’s Wimax icon is similar to a Wifi icon….a 4G technology that is closer related to wifi than mobile. Give me real internet, high speed packet data transfer anytime baby!

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