HTC EVO Shift 4G Photographed


Phone Arena aquired some snap shots of the rumored HTC EVO Shift 4G. We’ve been hearing more and more about this device lately, but these are the clearest photos we have seen to date.


Also surfacing is the apparent knowledge that it will have an 800MHz processor leading to the obvious comparison to the T-Mobile G2.

Head over to Phone Arena for some additional shots.

[via Phone Arena ]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Still prefer the evo guess I won’t b switching

  2. FIRST – That said, 800mhz can talk a walk. :/

  3. you meant take a walk i think. no? anyways you da mane for being first!

  4. That thing looks shitty.

  5. Check out the battery indicator. That thing is definitely an EVO LOL!

  6. For everyone talking about 800mhz – seriously you don’t know what you’re talking about. The G2’s 800mhz kills the EVO’s 1ghz. Clock speed = irrelevant.

    That said, I’m very dissapointed in the way this thing looks. That D-pad looks all wrong, and what’s with the color scheme on the keyboard. Same old EVO-esque plastic body. And where, where WHERE is the optical pad on the face?

    G2 on Sprint this is not. Sad :-(

  7. sprint needs to re-evaluate their cellphone selections.

  8. sprint needs to re-evaluate their cellphones selections.

  9. @CD
    yea you’re right, my EVO’s battery gets like that after about 20-24 hours too.

  10. That looks terrible… oh well…

  11. Why do service providers always have to put their ugly logo on phones? It’s a rhetorical question, but it’s sad because aesthetically it just looks awful. That being said, I wish Android would switch to landscape display on ALL phones not just full qwerty phones.

  12. that thing is a peice, for the 800 mhz everyone thinks is so awful, you obviously havent tried it. i would not go with this phone though, sense=gross, keyboard=gross, looks like a little kid’s phone. dont compare it to the G2, the G2 blows this phone out of the water hands down.

  13. Ugly phone is ugly.

  14. Yup agree ugly makes we want to laugh though at all the people who knocked the G2 for its processor and now the beloved EVO is getting the same one.

  15. @hustla.
    Why don’t you actually use your evo. If you get 20hrs+ you must only use it for 20 minutes.

  16. @Nisme

    I get 26 and I use mine all day. But that’s because I have a brain and mine is rooted with a VirusRom on it. The only thing that’s stock on my Evo is the kernel. Is that talking too fast for you? I’m familiar with your posts and I’ve come to the conclusion that your parents are related.

  17. Sprint, HTC, full keyboard? About time.

    First day purchase.

  18. @Nisme
    Currently working on 30hrs and 41% battery remaining, with wi-fi on. Now if I kept 4G on, and GPS and was playing Angry Birds all day, and using my phone as a hotspot you might be somewhere in the ballpark.

  19. Of course it looks ugly. This picture was taken with an iPhone!

  20. I call bullshit. Everyone I know with an evo constantly complains about the battery. Even the ones that got an extended. The evo is a great phone, just not in the battery dept.

  21. Because I post a lot. No need to act butt hurt . There isn’t one review ANYWHERE, that shows the evo any where near the top on battery life. In fact, most reviews put it at the bottom.

  22. Nisme……before you call BS you might wanna do some research. Just run over to XDA and you can see documented evidence of excellent battery life for the EVO. Obviously everything you hear aint always the truth, so go see for yourself and stop spreading lies. The EVO has excellent battery life.

  23. Epic! Touchpro2 keyboard, ive been wanting a phone on sprint like the g2…

  24. G2 sux.evo is best phone out and with a 3500 mah battery it cant b touched.lets b real people.wait till june.

  25. I have played with the evo first hand,i know multiple people that have them. They all say the same thing. Thank you, have a nice day.

  26. I’m at about 19 hours off the charger and sitting comfortably at 70% charge (stock, no custom ROM’s). I’m not a power user but I do make a lot of calls. People who complain about the battery life on an EVO really should learn how to use Google, or take it back. If you’re not comfortable adjusting settings under the hood then you should go get one of the other phones Sprint offers, the EVO isn’t an entry level phone by any leap of the imagination…

  27. i dont know why people are bashing on this phone. i want this so bad. it has a second generation snapdragon… which means it will be as fast as the evo or even faster. and its for sprints wimax. and most important i love htc sense and the fact its an htc keyboard with htc sense draws me in.

  28. Completely agreed. This will be my next phone, though I will look forward to getting it rooted with CM on it.

  29. Evo sucks stock android G2 FTW screw sense!

  30. Any idea on the price? Maybe 199 with a 2 year contract? or maybe 199 with an upgrade? I may get this instead of the nexus… because i need a keyboard and for the phone to be on sprint

  31. unfortunately, I’ve been keeping up with the rumors when they first appeared for the Shift 4G/Knight/Speedy and all of them have said that there’s going to be a dual-core snapdragon on it, 1 Ghz ish…I’ve been excited but this looks like crap and I don’t know how I feel about it anymore. Hopefully there’s more that Sprint will show at CES, which they should officially announce this…

  32. @all you evo fanboys, how about you his quit bull shiting yourselvesand look at the forums here. Not even 3 pages in on a150 page thread directly concerning the evo battery and there are over a hundred complaints of the evo battery life. Some saying only a few hours of use then it needs recharging.

  33. Nisme, you remind me of one APPLE fan boii who kept coming to troll here on the Phan pages, forgot the name, but the speech and it’s stink is distinctly familiar!

    That said, you should reserve your diatribe concerning the EVO for the EVO pages, which this phone in THIS article is not. If you have anything concerted towards this particular phone to comment or add, great, please stay on topic, otherwise, it’s just annoying to all who would want to garner some information about the phone!

    Lastly, this phone, all that has been published to date is speculation. We need to just sit tight for a few weeks more and the CES will remove all the mystery, lol. I would DOUBT though that HTC would be going backwards in releasing older tech on a newer phone… maybe 800 mhz, but possibly DUAL core? Two processing functions even at a slightly slower clock cycle would result in superior performance. Anyway, I’ve weened myself off of the physical keyboard so this phone is not so attractive to me personally.


  34. Hey, I was just RESPONDING to the 10 people that couldn’t be realistic about the evo’s battery life. Perusing the 1000page evo battery forum on this site, you can see I am just realistic.i even said the evo is a great phone, just not in the battery dept. Yeah, I sound like a fan boy for who exactly?

  35. the htc evo battery lasts me 10 hours max no 4g no wi fi no gps sometimes bluetooth and my brightness is wayyy lowwww soo if u can make my battery last longer plzzz tell me how b4 i switch back to black berry plzz asappp

  36. the evo shift has to be one of my best android phones
    1. It’s 4g
    2. It has a keyboard
    3.has sense ui
    4. It’s an evo
    so to all you guys crying about how it is this isn’t even the final product so just SHUT UP IF YOU CAN

  37. I love the way it looks. :(

    I just hope it gets rooted and has CM6.1 or even CM7 asap, I hate sense so much, but I will put up with it for a good Android on Sprint.

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