FroYo for Intercept Griefing Consumers

The boys over at Talk Android got some information that may pertain to a lot of you; yes, I’ve been browsing over the grumblings regarding this in the announcement post. But the short and long of it is that Sprint knows the update is causing some serious bloody headaches, and the official word seems to be “if you can’t fix it, replace it”.

Also mentioned is a tip to just not upgrade the device for the time being. Perhaps Samsung will pull the update, fix the bugs and relaunch it.

It may be redundant to ask this, but just how many Intercept users out there have been having issues with FroYo?

[via Talk Android]

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  • Tnutz

    Sorry had to…. Any idea why these latest updates have caused so much havoc lately?

  • Smoke

    You are really asking all 4 of the Intercept users?

  • sonia velasquez

    Froyo update has totaly addressed all the crazy issues I was having with my phone. I am still using adw launcher & dolphin browser’ which I changed to before update. My phone no longer lags, freezes, force closes, internet speed is way better. As far as I can tell, every problem I was having with phone is 100% better. I’m sorry for everyone else who’s having problems with the update. It worked for me.

  • edward

    I use my Intercept as a GPS and yesterday morning…the day I was leaving for a 12 hour trip…I got the update and my GPS will not work at all. Frustrated.

  • Todd

    I have two Intercepts and both updated just fine. Loving the new OS. Makes the phone so much better.

  • pandragonmom

    Excuse me, there are way more than 4 of us; check the hyperactive Intercept forum at the Sprint site. Phandroids, ou need to add an option to your poll: “decided to wait”! That’s what I did and I’m glad. Waiting for bug fixes 2.2x, before I risk messing up a phone that does pretty well what I expected from it – and apparently will never do Flash 10.1.

  • Ryan

    Yeah what exactly are the problems, my girl has one and I just checked it out and it doesn’t seem to bad.

  • Caleb

    I happen to have an intercept, and yeah, 2.1 was muuuuch better than 2.2. I was looking forward to the upgrades 2.2 would’ve brought, but it’s only brought nuisance to me.

  • keith

    Samsung has no idea what they are doing software wise. I am amazed they are even attempting the Froyo update at all. They should hire someone from XDA-Developers to do the updates. XDA will probably have a working Gingerbread on these phones before Samsung gets a working Froyo.

  • Graesen

    I’ve lost faith in Samsung almost a year ago when I bought my Samsung Moment – which had frequent radio/antenna lock ups (you know, without warning the phone stops functioning but the software still does what you tell it to). The Intercept, to me, seemed to be their way of replacing the Moment – an alternative to us who complained enough to replace the Moment with something else. On top of that, all of the updates to the Moment were buggy. Its no surprise to me their Froyo update for the Intercept failed. I don’t plan to ever purchase another Samsung phone again.

  • http://msn Diane

    Can we “undo” the update; it wiped out favorites and messed up a lot of other applications.

  • AXEL

    My dad updated his and he’s loving it!!! He wanted to throw the phone out the window before cause it was so slow and it will freeze, but now everything works very good, he can actually use it without worrying that it will not work. I actually install Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Seasons, and before it didn’t even open or would freeze once inside a level, and now it works very good. He couldn’t be happier with the update, He says it’s actually a smart phone now!!!

  • Chris

    I just wish they would get it to the Virgin Mobile version too.

  • zachary

    Samsung is fail at updates, but their device’s hardware(higher end devices) rocks. So Epic 4G or Evo 4G? I really like the Epic, and the name fits like a glove, i literally say the word “epic” constantly lululz…

  • Shep

    Intercept seems to work better so far overall with Froyo, but GPS no longer works (right before MY 17-hour trip), and the old “Memo” app seems to have disappeared, along with all my stored memos! Arrggh!!!!

  • Shep

    Oh yeah: and Weatherbug won’t work for me with Froyo, either…

  • Tim G


  • Nathan

    It’s kinda funny you guys are having problems with the GPS.
    Samsung leaked a Froyo update for the epic “DK28″ and it killed a ton of GPS.

    Not sure why Samsungs updated seem to wipe out the GPS.

  • Dave

    Totally messed up my girl’s intercept. Isn’t actually bricked, but almost everything FC’s all the time. Factory reset did not fix. Taking it in today to Sprint

  • Kevin

    My brother and his wife both have the Intercept. Both are TOTALLY thrilled with the update.

    Sorry to the many of you who found otherwise!

  • stephany

    Before the update my phone was horrible! It always lagged and froze especially when getting a phone call, which was frustrating. Now my phone is working perfectly! I love it.

  • Joe Hensel

    I updated to 2.2 a few days ago. Phone runs much smoother. Only thing that was a little frustrating was that I lost about half of my contacts. But, I should have checked to see if they were synced before updating.

  • sajid

    can somebody plz tell me when vm intercept is getting froyo? thnx.

  • Patrix

    It is a much better phone with 2.2 except GPS will not work! I seeking a fix for the GPS…I want to keep 2.2

  • knowledge

    The update is really bad favorites are gone uses up alot of battery gps is crappy as hell. Now the damn phone keeps shutting off whenever the hell it wants too. Need to restore back to original settings. Lol if I think about I dont want them to do anything about it it will probably just tear it up more.

  • Tony

    I woke up saturday morning to my message saying ready to install. i hit the install button. The phone went to recovery mode
    and began the install. Half way through the install failed. This happened 4 times. Finally did a master reset and restored my phone with titanium back up. Waiting for the next time around… patiently… rooted intercept

  • sajid

    plz tell me when is vm getting update?

  • Ben

    I’m waiting for VM to get the update as well…but I’ve got to wait for Sprint to fix the bugs first. :(

  • sajid

    the issue started around mid december. its jan12th now. have they fixed some of the bugs yet or not? and any news on vm getting this update. i really need it for app2sd feature cuz phone memory is too small.

  • Wadya

    How is Froyo (Android 2.2) acting on Sprint Samsung Intercept now? Hope it made all Aprint Samsung Intercept better. We call at Virgin Mobile USA are patiently witing for 3/25/2011 for our Froyo update. Hopefully, our VM Samsung Intercept would be even better after Froyo upgrade (:-))